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Almighty, the Wu-Tang Clan affiliated supergroup consisting of Wu-Tang
affiliates Killah Priest, Bronze Nazareth, C-Rayz Walz, Son One, M-80 &
5-Star, offer their debut collaborative effort: "Original S.I.N.
(Strength in Numbers)" on July 22nd on Babygrande Records.

Featuring appearances from Canibus, Keith Murray, Planet Asia, Warcloud
(Holocaust), 60 Second Assassin (of Sunz of Man) and more, along with
production by Bronze Nazareth (the RZA) among others, Almighty's
"Original S.I.N." boasts a talented collective of independent emcees
promising to rival such supergroup independent smashes as Army of the
, Wu-Tang Meets The Indie Culture & many more.

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1. Wise Words Roll (Produced By: Kevlaar 7)
2. The Saga Begins feat. M-80, C-Rayz Walz, 5-Star, Son One, Bronze Nazareth & Killah Priest (Produced By: Maja 7th) -
3. Handle The Heights feat. Canibus, M-80, Bronze Nazareth & Keith Murray (Produced By: Bronze Nazareth) -
4. Come To Life Faster feat. Bronze Nazareth (Produced By: Purpose) -
5. Obey (The Statesmen) feat. Planet Asia, Killah Priest, Son One & C-Rayz Walz (Produced By: Davey D) -
6. Soul Position feat. Bronze Nazareth, M-80, Philly, Son One, 5-Star, Kevlaar 7 & C-Rayz Walz (Produced By: Krohme) -
7. Daylight feat. Killah Priest, Kevlaar 7 & Bronze Nazareth (Produced By: Bronze Nazareth) -
8. Planet In Peril feat. Killah Priest, C-Rayz Walz & Warcloud (Produced By: Pro The Leader) -
9. (Interlude 1) (Produced By: Bronze Nazareth) -
10. Killa Bee Swarm feat. Bronze Nazareth, Timbo King, 5-Star & Killah Priest (Produced By: Bronze Nazareth) -
11. Keep Hustlin' feat. Killah Priest, M-80, Doe Boy & Son One (Produced By: Hala-X) -
12. Think Piece feat. Bronze Nazareth, Killah Priest & C-Rayz Walz (Produced By: Demo the Monowax & M-Eighty) -
13. Top Hat Rap feat. M-80, C-Rayz Walz & Son One (Produced By: DJ Woool)-
14. (Interlude 2) (Produced By: Preservation) -
15. Rising Sunz feat. Killah Priest, Son One, Born Sun & C-Rayz Walz (Produced By: Preservation) -
16. Dead Flowers feat. 60 Second Assassin Of Sunz Of Man, Bronze Nazareth, Killah Priest & C-Rayz Walz (Produced By: Bronze Nazareth) -
17. Now Or Never feat. Solomon Childs, Son One, 5-Star & M-80 (Produced By: Kevlaar 7) -
18. The Almighty feat. Killah Priest (Produced By: DJ Woool)



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Maafa : The genocide of Afrikan people (Dr. Fred Jones & Jabari Tehuti)

Part 1

Maafa 1

Part 2

Maafa 2

Part 3

Maafa 3

Part 4

Maafa 4

Part 5

Maafa 5

Part 6

Maafa 6

Brixton Riots 1977

http://www. blackconsciousness. com/media/?D=A

FAIR USE NOTICE: This may contain copyrighted material. Such
material is made available for educational purposes, to advance
understanding of human rights, democracy, scientific, moral,ethical,
and social justice issues, etc. This constitutes a ’fair use’of any such
copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 U. S. C. section 107 of
the US Copyright Law. This material is distributed without profit.

In Kind / compassionate England in 1977, 1,042 people, 44 per cent of those arrested for 'sus', were of Melaknighted African appearance!! (MELANIN -KNIGHTS - FIGHTERS-WARRIORS) - SHE IS A PIMPS PARADISE, IN HER EYEZ LOVE IS DRY DUST/ DUST FUCKING DRY, IF U DON' KNO NOW U'LL NEVER GET IT

In Kind / compassionate England in 1977, 1,042 people, 44 per cent of those arrested for 'sus', were of Melaknighted African appearance!! (MELANIN -KNIGHTS - FIGHTERS-WARRIORS) - SHE IS A PIMPS PARADISE, IN HER EYEZ LOVE IS DRY DUST/ DUST FUCKING DRY, IF U DON' KNO NOW U'LL NEVER GET IT !!!!!!!


Brixton Riots


Looters moved in as flames spread


At 8pm on Saturday night Brixton was burning. A pillar of smoke, hundreds of feet across, rose into the darkening sky; its base was tinged with red from the fires in Railton Road.
Further north more smoke climbed from the blazing buildings in Brixton centre

....Picture gallery: Brixton riots ......

Police hurt in scuffles with blacks

Scores of officers were drafted in from all over south London and seven youths were arrested


Mr Whitelaw expected to announce inquiry today

Tension remained high last night as running battles developed between police and black youths



.... ....

'Suspected persons' powers need not lead to excessive police use

In 1977, 1,042 people, 44 per cent of those arrested for 'sus', were of Afro-Carribbean appearance

....'Sus' law reform gives cause for alarm, study says .......... ....

Polls show low confidence in police

Thirty-eight per cent of those questioned felt that the police were too harsh on suspicious behaviour


Letters: Lessons to be learnt from Bristol riot

'Constant harassment of immigrant communities has led to a mutual suspicion, mistrust and now the hostility that many of us feared'

Overcrowded Brixton

Young blacks were two to three times more likely to be unemployed

....Echoes of America's long hot summers ........

Brixton streets boil for the fourth night

Rioters took to the streets of Brixton yet again last night, to the despair of a community already drained by three nights of violence


Vicar speaks despairingly of his strife-torn parish

If you mention community relations to the ordinary policeman he either falls about laughing or starts cursing

The tension eases but police still patrol in pairs

Local community leaders are hoping that the weekend will be trouble-free after last weekend's rioting

Who pays for the riots?

There is a widespread sense of resentment by young people, both black and white, at police brusqueness and unnecessary machismo

...... ......

Inquest on Brixton

The scale of the violence requires the Government to show evidence of its concern.
There must be action


Scarman Inquiry

.... ....

Lord Scarman: Brixton Inquiry

The Home Secretary has directed that Lord Scarman hold an Inquiry under section 32 of the Police Act 1964


The judge, the blacks and the police

Two reporters, David Nicholson-Lord of The Times and John Clare, the BBC's correspondent, have told Lord Scarman that they saw the police use unauthorised weapons

What makes this judge the one to sort out the mess

Often referred to as a 'left wing' judge; taking it as a relative term and comparing Scarman to the rest of the judiciary, there is some truth in it

....Brixton inquiry: Scarman changes the hearts of blacks ........Lord Scarman braves the front line ....

Scarman on Brixton: The key passages

Lord Scarman tempers criticisms of general policing methods with warm support for the way the Metropolitan Police handled the rioting



.... ....

Brixton riots: The ethnic factors

Before the fires were out community relations officers were attributing the violence to such speculative causes as resentment and frustration


Police burden in atmosphere of mistrust

There is a widespread sense of resentment by young people, both black and white, at police brusqueness and unnecessary machismo

Implications of inner-city rioting

The Times could make a small but significant contribution to better race relations if it stopped referring to all black people as 'immigrants'




Almighty, the Wu-Tang Clan affiliated supergroup consisting of Wu-Tang
affiliates Killah Priest, Bronze Nazareth, C-Rayz Walz, Son One, M-80 &
5-Star, offer their debut collaborative effort: “Original S.I.N.
(Strength in Numbers)” on July 22nd on Babygrande Records.

Featuring appearances from Canibus, Keith Murray, Planet Asia, Warcloud
(Holocaust), 60 Second Assassin (of Sunz of Man) and more, along with
production by Bronze Nazareth (the RZA) among others, Almighty’s
“Original S.I.N.” boasts a talented collective of independent emcees
promising to rival such supergroup independent smashes as Army of the
Pharaohs, Wu-Tang Meets The Indie Culture & many more.

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Almighty (Killah Priest + M-Eighty + Bronze Nazereth + Son One + C-Rayz Walz + 5 Star) feat. Canibus - Original S.I.N.

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What is Black Oppression ( Notes and PowerPoint ) and Counter Racism Training (Audio)

Intro Music: Crusaders - Street Life LP - Version
Listen while you read

Written by RBG Street Scholar/2006 High Definition Pictorial PowerPoint Attachment

What is Black Oppression? The suppression of people of Afrikan descent in America by the white elites from a nation, class and sex perspective from their natural self-expression, dis-allowing them to defend, define, and develop in their own image and interest

How is racism, sexism, economic exploitation defined? The shortest definition I use is: prejudice combined with socio-political power to exert it on Black people for the purpose of maintaining them as slaves to white will and intent. It is human and natural to have prejudice, but dangerous when whites in the USA, men everywhere, gentiles in most place, natives to Europe. etc. have the power to oppress others with it.

Can Blacks be racists, women be sexists etc? No, nowhere in the world do we have the socio-political power to be able to turn the power structure of the whites (or the men) upside down (not even in pockets where Afrikans hold political power such as in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Namibia).

Example: If all Blacks hated all whites, how would it affect whites? Only emotionally – fear of deserving retribution in view of the fact that the U.S. Congress won’t even consider discussing reparations for the European holocaust of Afrikan enslavement. The whites usually solve this problem by moving further out into suburbia. In the South the racism is you can get close but, nigger doesn’t get uppity (educated/knowledge of self) and in the North it’s nigger you can get uppity “educated”, just don’t get close.

On the contrary when the global white elite entertain negative feelings toward blacks, how does it affect blacks? In their access to jobs, health care, education, housing etc. All tangible things we have to go to the whites to beg for because we refuse to unite and do for self.

So blacks in the USA (or Muslim in Europe, Afrika and the so called Middle East etc.) cannot be racists since they have no power to be able to discriminate against whites in any significant way (But we certainly can have prejudice and anger, which is justified for any black being oppressed in his right mine).

How does racism manifest itself? The small racism which only a few suffer from (such as the Ku Klux Klan and the Nazis) can manifest itself in violent ways towards us. It resembles the dominative racism of the past through the declared desire to hold down black folk by “lynching, burning, tarring, feathering, boiling in oil etc”.

Yet, these hate-groups have no social power to be able to significantly hurt blacks as a group (or the Muslim or immigrants) although rare cases of random fire bombings and other barbaric acts certainly have caused much individual pain.

The big racism, which most of us suffer from, is on the other hand socio-structural and institutional. The psycho-pathology that underlies the system and business of global white supremacy is characterized by Dr. Bobby Wright’s “psychopathic racial personality” i.e. an inability to fell guilt and fear of retribution. White liberals play like they want to live up to America’s lofty democratic ideals about equality and freedom for all, but choose in reality situations, schools and living areas, to have as little as possible to do with the black and poor.

Incapable of living up to their ideals, liberals are stricken by strong guilt in the company of Blacks, they lower their eyes when we meet them in our work place, and tremble in their voice when they talk about "the race problem to those of us who want to hear their nonsense.

Through such evasive behavior we in the U.S. created the biggest ghettos the world has ever seen - just as we are now creating similar Muslim ghettos in Europe. Guilt and fear in white people (the oppressor) generate anger and hostility patterns in blacks (the oppressed). These can leads to sick behavior in blacks, which further creates fear of the white masses of Blacks. This again increases white guilt since they don't like the fact that they and their global elite partners in crime fear human beings living in conditions they created to destroy ourself esteem, self image and self concept and our humanity in the eyes of the rest of the world.

All of the above mentioned helps to increase the anger and hostility patterns in the oppressed, who as a result of their sense of total rejection often begin to strike out in self-destructive patterns-drugs, black on black violence etc.. The oppressor and the oppressed thus constantly create each other and both end up as victims, yet only the oppressor possess reel power to change this "system" unless it is overturn by physical revolution-You know, like the 13 colonies rose up against the British.

The White global elite (the oppressor), tries to disclaim all responsibility for ongoing black genocide by looking for the cause of this sad "system" in a few extreme losers such as the "Ku Klux Klan," "skinheads" etc, who feel just as shut out from "the American Dream" as blacks and have no socio-political power to hurt us In Europe particularly they always turn things upside down by calling the racism of such losers "the big racism" and rather than giving them help to get out of their distress patterns, whites frequently join associations, which legitimize violent agitation (witch hunts) against them., never confronting the real enemy (global white elite)

In reality the great decent thinking majority among us are not only oppressors of American blacks, brown and immigrants, but also hurt poor whites, who are also ghettoized into despair and hatred. And thus the vicious cycle of oppression goes on and on through human history.

What is the intropression? Due to our long term oppression, blacks (the oppressed) will internalize the oppressor and begin to believe the white lies and impress them in their own children and their fellow oppressed, propagating black self hatred, black on black violence and the generation of niggerization and pro-racist negros. So now, more frequently than not, the our most direct confrontation with the brute force and fruad of white supremacy /racism will be whiteness in black face (you own would be brotha). FTP!!!

In regards to our women, who are frequently triply oppressed (race, economic and gender wise), the most obvious problem is internalized sexism: everywhere in the world the stereotype is women are good in child rearing, in convivial gatherings and in women's magazines, at telling each other, that the woman's "natural" place is in the home, wearing a veil, not taking power away from men, etc. No oppressed group in history but Africans in America would accept its own oppression for one minute, and certainly now the oppression and exploitation of its women. Such a distress pattern have been installed us through De-Afrikanization, De-humanization and Inferioritization and it will require first and foremost the decolonization of our minds to move from oppression to liberation (crushing the power of white supremacy/racism)

Intropression is perhaps seen most strongly in American black males. Such as in "playing the dozens," a game in which we use to try to humiliate, tease and insult each other in the strongest possible way. When you are being attacked, the object is to stay "cool." If you get upset, you lose.

This cruel invalidation of each other has continued since slavery, where it apparently originated in black parents invalidations of their children in order to break down any rebelliousness in them, which could lead to their execution. Thus - in the name of love - so that they would survive - they chose to collude with their slave masters by crushing and humiliating their own children.

Companion asset to this part of the presentation:

Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness & Understanding Racism

Dr. Nelly Fuller Jr. What are the white people doing now?

Counter Racism lesson1.mp3

Counter Racism lesson2.mp3

Counter Racism lesson2.mp3

Reference for further study, learning and action


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Medical Apartheid

Medical Apartheid: From the Tuskegee Experiments to the Present

Medical Apartheid

Medical Ethicist Harriet Washington Documents How Blacks Still Suffer at the Hands of Medicine

Medical ethicist Harriet A. Washington Random House

"The fear of medicine is based on real events. And real events go way beyond -- way before and way after -- Tuskegee," says Harriet Washington. "There are things that are happening now that will keep [African Americans] from going to the hospital."

We've all heard of the Tuskegee syphilis experiment and how black men were allowed to languish and spread this fatal disease in the name of medical research -- without their knowledge or permission.

In her recently released book, 'Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial Times to the Present,' Harriet A. Washington painstakingly documents how blacks -- whether it's slave women unwillingly having gynecological experiments done on them or artificial blood being used in inner city hospitals -- have been dehumanized and often brutalized by a profession which takes an oath to heal.

Unfortunately, Tuskegee was not an anomaly.

It's no coincidence, Washington explains, that blacks do not seek medical care until "the pain is too much" often forsaking preventative care because of stories like these or blatant disrespect at the hands of doctors...Read More

Tuskegee Syphilis Study
Full Version with video:

Vanessa Northington Gamble, M.D., Ph.D., is Associate Professor at Johns Hopkins University, and is an internationally recognized expert on ... all » the history of race and racism in American medicine, cultural competence, and diversity. She discusses the enduring causes and consequences of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study Series: "LeNoir/NMA Memorial Lecture"
Click here for Tuskegee In Photos

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RBG Street Scholar Think Tank Images:

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Rare Rare Rare ALBUM

21st Century (1975)

I think this is the best post on this blog

21st Century - Ahead Of Our Time (RCA 1975)

21st Century, group members were Pierrre Johnson, Alonzo Martin, Alphonso Smith, Tyrone Moores and Freddie Williams all hailing from the now defunct Henry Horner projects in Chicago. The songs were recorded at the Sound Factory West and Wally Heider in Hollywood. Wah-Wah Watson, James Gadson, Henry Davis, George Bohannon, Jack Ashford, Eddie "Bongo" Brown and Sonny Burke were among the many musicians who played on the record. 21st Century went from RCA to Gordy and became 21st Creation.

01 Tricks Are Made For Kids
02 The Way We Were
03 Ahead Of Our Time
04 Remember The Rain
05 Does Your Mama Know About Me?
06 Child
07 If By Chance
08 Mirror, Mirror
09 See My Love Growin' Old
10 You're My Only World

Producer: Mark Davis & Marvin Smith

21st Century - Ahoead Of Our Time (RCA 1975)

The Impressions - 1969 - The Young Mods’ Forgott Storyen

The quintessential Chicago soul group, the Impressions’ place in R&B history would be secure if they’d done nothing but launch the careers of soul legends Jerry Butler - Curtis Mayfield and Leroy Hutson. But far more than that, the Impressions recorded some of the most distinctive vocal-group R&B of the ’60s under Mayfield’s guidance. Their style was marked by airy, feather-light harmonies and Mayfield’s influentially sparse guitar work, plus, at times, understated Latin rhythms. If their sound was sweet and lilting, it remained richly soulful thanks to the group’s firm grounding in gospel tradition; they popularized the three-part vocal trade-offs common in gospel but rare in R&B at the time, and recorded their fair share of songs with spiritual themes, both subtle and overt. Furthermore, Mayfield’s interest in the civil rights movement led to some of the first socially conscious R&B songs ever recorded, and his messages grew more explicit as the ’60s wore on, culminating in the streak of brilliance that was his early-’70s solo work.

Young Mods’ Forgotten Story is one of the Impressions’ best albums. Nearly every single cut’s a classic and the group outdid themselves vocally, especially Curtis, who always makes our heart break on this one! Donny Hathaway and Johnny Pate handled the arrangements.

This is a @320 vinyl rip of Sequel reissue, original 1969 album was in Curtom.

A1 The Young Mods’ Forgotten Story 2:00
A2 Choice of Colors 3:15
A3 The Girl I Find 2:37
A4 Wherever You Leadeth Me 2:32
A5 My Deceiving Heart 2:49
B1 Seven Years 2:21
B2 Love’s Miracle 2:24
B3 Jealous Man 2:34
B4 Soulful Love 2:30
B5 Mighty Mighty (Spade & Whitey) 2:21

The Reviews


…..I was only five years old when this album came out. It is still my favorite album of all time. Seven years, Soulful Love, Jealous man… and more. Back then, the medium was 8-track and everybody (and their mother) had one. I would listen to it over and over and over. Darn near forty years later, I’m still listening to this album over and over and over!!!

This particular album played tricks in how it was recorded. Vocals on the left, horns on the right. Even though I had (many times) wished that this album had been re-recorded, I’m glad (now) that they didn’t. No need to mess with perfection.

The music, itself, was (in my opinion) Curtis & co. at their hungriest. Too many times, we see artists after they have “made it” and they seem to lose something after that. Curtis never lost “it” and always had “it”. This album is a classic and a must-have for the old-skool players.


Anyway, this is a fine record and a true joy to listen to. This album finds Curtis Mayfield in full creative flower, and foreshadows his first great solo album Curtis, with its catchy hooks, gorgeous string and horn drenched arrangements, and thoughtful lyricism. Although Curtis is no stranger to the hackneyed genre of “the love song”, he is able to infuse such tracks with so many ear-pleasing twists that every track becomes a sort of mini-pop-symphony, even if they’re mostly about chicks.

However, Mayfield’s other main lyrical concern is equality and black empowerment. In this vein, we have the fantastic “Mighty Mighty (Spade & Whitey)”, and the sublime “Choice of Colors”, with its immortal couplet, “If you had a choice of colors, which one would you choose, my brothers? If there was no day or night, which would you prefer to be right?”. Heavy stuff, but Mayfield’s messages are always couched in gorgeous arrangements, and he never hits you over the head - really it’s more of a gentle prod.

A wonderful album and certainly worth picking up for any fan of Mayfield, or 60s soul in general.


The title read like a concept album (and the opener seemed to introduce a larger idea at work), but The Young Mods’ Forgotten Story hung together only as the usual (read: brilliant) late-’60s LP from the Impressions: a few solid songs with a social or inspirational viewpoint and the rest featuring Curtis Mayfield’s continuing exploration of love in all its forms. Two of the message songs were among the best of the group’s history; “Choice of Colors” tenderly investigated black feelings about race, while the party song “Mighty Mighty (Spade & Whitey)” gave blacks and whites a rare chance to celebrate empowerment together. Mayfield’s romantic songs ranged farther than usual, from the innocent, delicate “The Girl I Find” (complete with turtledove cries) to a deconstruction of the end of a long affair (”Seven Years”) to the overbearing “Jealous Man,” all with great arrangements provided by veteran Johnny Pate and newcomer Donny Hathaway. (Hathaway’s addition didn’t alter the Impressions’ sound significantly, though his harmonic expertise and affinity for the church do find their way into a couple of tracks.) Only one song, “Wherever You Leadeth Me,” found the group treading water (it could just as easily have appeared five years earlier). The rest was intriguing late-’60s soul from one of the best acts in the business.


One of my favorite 60’s soul records, The Young Mod’s Forgotten Story is criminally short with only one cut breaking the three minute barrier. While the album mostly consists of light soul-pop with the odd political song thrown in, there are some definite hints of the wah wah guitar and funkiness to come in lead songwriter Curtis Mayfield’s solo career. Arranged by future soul superman Donny Hathaway, the album is oozing with lush string arrangements and energetic horns. One of the interesting things I find about this album is how such cliched and run-of-the-mill love songs like “The Girl I Find” are so enjoyable because of the arrangements. Every song has a great hook, and the melodies are as sweet as they come.

“Choice of Colors” isn’t exactly “What’s Going On” but it’s definitely an important song from the era. While the songs range from innocent love ballads like “My Deceiving Heart” to powerful feelings of racial acceptance like “Mighty Mighty (Spade and Whitey)” they all maintain basic pop sensibilities and while I’m generally not a fan of pop-soul this album is too good to ignore and will appeal to both pop fans and soul aficionados alike.

More about: Jerry Butler , Curtis Mayfield and Leroy Hutson.

Get it here


Five Smooth Stones - A Commentary

Is It Because Im Black, - Syl JohnsonIn order for white supremacy to be correctly replaced with justice the five senses of victims of racism need to be purified. This purification happens once victims of racism understand their correct relationship with the MOST HIGHT commonly referred to as God. This relationship can be shown in the following formula. IP + AP > SP, where IP is inferior power of victims of racism, AP is the MOST HIGHT, and SP is the superior power of the white supremacists. In this power equation, a relationship with the MOST HIGHT can only occur in the absence of incorrectness and deception. This purity allows great benefit to victims of racism in order to flip the power equation.

In the above description, David, a very small boy at the time, slew Goliath. In the story, he used five stones. Allegorically speaking those stones are representing the faculties of the human being, hearing, smelling, sight, taste, and feeling. These are the inputs to our brain computers. If we allow our minds and hearts to feed on garbage, we can only produce garbage and garbage will not replace white supremacy with Justice. We must be better managers of what we allow into our brain computers in awe, regard, and utter respect for the ALL POWER. Using the conduit provided by the creator we tap into an unseen and inexplicable power which strengthens us to produce Justice.

David slew Goliath by striking him in the forehead. The forehead is the place wherein the conscious mind resides. The Goliath is struck there by five stones, the aforementioned "human faculties" which can be further condensed to be represented by the terms "thought, speech and action". Goliath strikes the earth and his conscious knowledge returns to the earth to be correctly disposed of in the death of all incorrectness... no more lies, no more killing, no more mistreatment. After his corrupted face, or his warped character returns to the earth, his head is cut off... severed from the body that it maintained. In this case, the head is the character of each individual white supremacist, and the body is the system of white supremacy. In this case each and every white person who practices white supremacy would be also transformed. Their own true character must come forth purified.

White supremacy must end. Replace white supremacy with justice. What are you willing to give up to have justice? Are you willing to stop polluting yourself, your soul, your mind, your body? Are you willing to stop drinking alcohols, wear dignified clothing, spend great amounts of time studying all things, paying attention to your offspring, breaking your inordinate lust for material things? When David drew his sword, the sword of truth and justice, he sealed his commitment. What is your commitment?

The also offers Discussion Topics are based on author Neely Fuller Jr's, "The United-Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept: A textbook/workbook for thought, speech, and/or action for victims of racism (white supremacy)." These forums offer indepth analysis of the nine areas of human activity (Economics, Education, Entertainment, Labor, Law, Politics, Religion, Sex and War).

§ visit 's Counter-Racism Work/Study Project ForThe united-independent compensatory code/system/concept: A textbook/workbook for thought, speech, and/or action, for victims of *racism (white supremacy)This is a book by a brilliant author, black in a system of racism/white supremacy, born into the worst racist decades of our country, so he profoundly figured out how to think/behave/feel logically to counter the racist code.Mr. Fuller gives an antidote to and ways to cope with the victimhood of racism. Because non-whites are victims of white supremacy, he is saying, don't just accept victimhood. He maps out how to counter racism and white supremacy in all areas of activity.When white people harm non-white people, the wrongdoers -- the white people -- must undo that harm. Justice requires that the wrongdoer make amends. In this book, without waiting for white people to end white supremacy/racism, Mr. Fuller outlines steps that victims of racism can take to decode the language and actions of white supremacy and not to further fall victim to it by their own response.Mr. Fuller helps people see that following the logic, and following one's gut, about racism/white supremacy, go a long way in understanding why things happen.The problems blacks face today are the result of the legacy of slavery, Jim Crow, global white supremacy, etc. No white person can call himself anti-racist unless he analyzes every part of his life and behavior to understand how he might be supporting the global system of white supremacy.Mr. Fuller has analyzed what black people can do in every part of their lives and behaviors, to counter the system, to use codification to logically counter white supremacy's code. His mind, his commitment, are honest, are brilliant, and every white person who is not putting in equal commitment should be ashamed that he/she is not working as hard as this author to end completely, white supremacy/racim in this global village.
Paperback 334 pages
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James Brown Live at The Apollo (1968) Reissue (????)

This live set from James Brown will start off "James Brown week" on the blog. I will be featuring live performances, albums and video of the Godfather of Soul. This set features still more of his soul classics as it was just prior to his big move towards funkier music. It's still a great double CD with some fine examples of how much the audience was into his shows. He really played for the audience and made it something unique. Just check out "I Feel Alright" and you'll see what I mean. Good music and good fun, not much more you could ask for. "Cold Sweat" is the big standout on the set though, love that track. I hope enjoy the CD and will stick around for some real treats from James Brown and his entourage.

Tracklisting CD 1:

Introduction (0:30)
Think (2:53)

Vocals [Duet] - Marva Whitney
I Want To Be Around (3:13)

Violin - Marilyn Jones , Richard Jones (2) , Sylvia Medford
Thanks (1:05)
That's Life (4:07)

Violin - Marilyn Jones , Richard Jones (2) , Sylvia Medford
Kansas City (3:52)
Let Yourself Go (4:00)
There Was A Time (4:18)
I Feel Alright (5:32)
Cold Sweat (4:39)

Tracklisting CD 2:

It May Be The Last Time (3:05)
I Feel Good (I Got You) (0:28)
Prisoner Of Love (7:31)
Out Of Sight (0:24)
Try Me (2:54)
Bring It Up (4:38)
It's A Man's, Man's, Man's World (7:09)
Lost Someone (Medley) (10:17)
Please, Please, Please (2:40)

Download CD 1
Download CD 2

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The Sylvers
The Sylvers

Here we have The Sylvers self titled Debut Album
The Sylvers were a popular "family" gropup from the early 70's until the early 80's

Beat diggers will know the young Foster Sylvers song "misdemeanor"
used by Dr. Dre for The D.O.C's "It's funky Enough"
(which is not on this album's on Fosters SOLO album)

the Sylvers 1st three albums were produced by R&B legends Jerry Butler & Keg Johnson
Check out the great soul vibe of the production on this one
Including The Funky "Fools Paradise" and "I Wish I Could Talk to You"
which was used by Ghostface Killah on "Mighty Healthy"
& RJD2's - "Here's What's Left"