Monday, March 28, 2011

DJ JS-1 "WikiBreaks"

Here's another mix for everyone to enjoy...
The "WikiBreaks" mix is a lil' over an hour of breaks from funk, disco, re-edits, and some hiphop tracks that are not the most popular. I made most of the mix using two turntables, and then added some scratches & phrases from movies, pop-culture, commercials, etc... As you download yet another free mixtape i give out, i do hope you realize and appreciate the value of a good mix. There is an over-abundance of wanna-be djays: posers, strippers, clowns, reality tv losers, athletes, d-list celebs, promoters, anyone with a laptop, and even the coat-check chick spins... With all these djays you would think there would be more incredible mixes to listen too, more than there was 15 years ago when there was less djays? Yet, there is not many today, but i have dozens of cassettes from the 90's with great mixes. Perhaps it's because even the djays capable of making great mixes, don't really do that anymore. There's very few. It takes more than just playing what people know and like, or playing some exclusive detox tracks that are HORRIBLE and no one gives a shit about anyway, or just scratching really fast, or just "mashing up" any two different songs, or having "catchy" artwork, or playing an electro song that sounds like its 98 minutes long, etc... It takes a whole lot, that apparently most djays lack, or are simply lazy and ONLY do dj for $ not for the love of what it means to be a DJ. So whenever any DJ puts together something that obviously took time and dedication, we should appreciate their effort to keep the true mixtape essence alive, although it's all downloads and digital 1 & 0's... I guess we can try to keep the quality on par while most fell off or missed the boat. "Tradition means that we need to end what began well and continue what is worth continuing..." Well, I'll continue to keep making really dope mixes with good music, over here...

Please repost & retweet this to friends who you think might also enjoy this instead of wack remixes of lady gaga impersonating madonna...

New DJ JS-1 full length album coming this spring...
"NO ONE CARES.... (Ground Original 3)"
feat KRS, Joell Ortiz, Kool G Rap, Tonedeff, Guilty Simpson, Freddie Foxxx,
Blaq Poet, Ill Bill, Jeru, Lil Fame, Akrobatik, Torae, Sadat X, Homeboy Sandman,
Eternia, Ras Kass, Rahzel and many, many, many more....

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The third Chimurenga! The Aggression Against African Soil Must Cease! – by IronLion

Libya was suddenly attacked on the birthday of the Roman Goddess of war Minerva, on March 19th 2011, by the ritual-addicted army of babylon shitstem. More than 45 innocent souls were killed. In ancient Rome, human blood sacrifice was usually made to this goddess, in a ritual of orgiastic blood-letting for the four days following her birthday annivessary.

They have begun their war ritual this year in Africa. But this time they are coming for the kill, as well as to steal Africa’s wealth.

Colonial war games!

Africa is not ready for re-colonialism anymore. Nor neo-colonialism too. Those are busted games.

Colonialism started with lust after Africa’s wealth (read: Libya’s oil) by barbaric European powers namely France, Britain, Italy, Spain, Portugal, with United States being the beneficiary.

Many times, the colonialists were invited by the colonised people themselves, usually one side asking for help, to aid it in fighting off another side. The two sides ended up getting colonised anyway.

That was the blue-print everywhere. Divide and rule.

Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, Algeria, Morrocco, Egypt, all got colonised through divide and rule. One side of the family calls in the stranger to destroy the entire land.

No more!

That is why the attacks must be called off and the attackers back off. Africa has the moral authority to condemn and proscribe this aggression. It has exercised that moral authority.

African leaders have demanded a halt to this most recent violations. Libya is in Africa, and an African affair. The attacks must cease, or else, lightening, storm, earthquake and thunder will break apart the strenght of this latest conspiracy against Africans.

Moreover, this war is a lost cause for the aggressors. They cannot step on the soil of Africa. Yet, you cannot win a war by controlling the air alone. Africa is not Iraq or Afghanistan.

Sudan, Chad, Northern Nigeria, Niger, Mauritania, Mali, Algeria, will supply all the millions of men that Ghadafi and Libya need to fight this anti-colonialist battle. Millions and upon millions will be answering the call to arms. Call them mecenaries or liberation fighters or what you will, but be sure they will line up.

The arms and munitions are there already, and more will be procured by Ghadafi if necessary from the Eastern bloc, and the Asian nations; coming through the Atlantic coast then up the Sahara desert to Libya.

The American and European spoilt brats of today cannot fight in North Africa. Yesterday, when they were in their greater glory, they lost the colonial wars to Africans. Look at the story of Omar Muhktar of Libya. Look at the story of Amilcar Cabral Guineau Bissau and Cape Verde, Samora Machel of Mozambique; Do you remember the Mau-Mau uprising of Kenya? What about the Algerian war of independence? What about the heros of Angolan war of liberation? Do you forget the Mhadi rebellions of Sudan? Do you forget the glorious triumph of His Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I over the Italians in 1941?

That was yesterday. This time Africans are better armed, better informed, and absolutely resolved not to give in to enslavement any more. This time the field is more level. This time, the street toughened and wisened African youths, will get an opportunity to test their battle skills and will-power against the rich softened, hedonistic spoilt youthful brats of the western world. It will be a no brainer. African boys are angry and strong. They will be the small axe to down the western beast.

Babylon is aware too, and wary. They know that to be real possibility. Like David and Goliath scenario. The aggressors themselves, they know they cannot fight the dreaded “Black African Army, Mecenaries, child soldiers, whatever”. Those boys from the Sahara are rude and fiesty. They are Babylon system’s biggest nightmare. Yet, for the millions of the rude boys of Africa and the Carribeans, their greatest dream is to break the European soldier on the battle field.

The brats of Europe know that, and they will run for their dear life to avoid a land battle in Africa. President Obama of United States already said it, no land battles.

Without a land battle in Libya, the New World Order cannot win against Ghadafi. If you cannot win a war, then don’t even start a war.

This aggression has no real aim or objective except for spitefulness. It is an empty show of ineffective power. Militarily it is hopeless.

The aggression will fail and fall into confusion. Africa demands it. Words, sound and power.

Watch more mystics and magical events unfold.


March 20 2011

Thursday, March 10, 2011

J. Rizzle Presents: Essence of Jay Electronica

Check out this continuous mix featuring Jay Electronica and the original songs that were sampled for the tracks he wrecked with his lyricism. This is for educational purposes only, so enjoy and be educated.

Thanks to JAB THE FUTURE for the dope visual (cover) !!!

Radio Interview Snippet
Dear Moleskine – Jay Electronica
Free Angela – Bayete
Etrenal Sunshine – Jay Electronica
Phone Call – Jon Brion
FYI – Jay Electronica
Row – Jon Brion
Voodoo Man – Jay Electronica
Postcard – Jon Brion
Somethin’ To Hold On To – Jay Electronica
Give Me Somethin’ To Hold On to – Myrna Summers
Renaissance Man – Jay Electronica
Love Is – Common
Victory Is In My Clutches – Jay Electronica
Electrified Love – Earl Hines
Exhibit A (Transformations) – Jay Electronica
Dead Presidents – Jay Z
Exhibit C – Jay Electronica
Cross My Heart – Billy Stewart
Shiny Suit Theory – Jay Electronica, Jay Z, The Dream
Ain’t Got The Love (Of One Girl On My Mind) – The Ambassadors
Intro -Group Home
Jazzmatazz (Tribute to Guru)- Jay Electronica

J. Rizzle Presents Essence Of Jay Electronica by J. Rizzle

DJ JS-1 live on Halftime Radio Anniversary Show (breaks set part 1 and 2)

DJ JS-1 live on Halftime Radio Anniversary Show (breaks set part 1 and 2)
Dj Eclipse called me and asked me to do the Halftime Anniversary Show with A-trak, Dj Premier, Tony Touch and Evil D. We all did different types of sets. I did a breaks set. Check out both parts which is 20 minutes long in total. This is one of my favorite sets that i did.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Dante Ross’ Hip-Hop History: MF Doom

After some 20 years in the Rap game, it’s easy for some to forget DOOM got his start as Zev Love X in the group KMD. During an interview with, as part of his “Hip Hop History 101” series, former Tommy Boy and Elektra A&R Dante Ross recalled how DOOM used a seemingly negative situation to begin the second phase of his Hip Hop career.

“MF DOOM had already completed [KMD’s] second album,” Ross explained. “He had turned it in, and the record was rejected by the label I worked at based on the artwork. Elektra refused to put the record out, and they gave him back his masters and a check for $20,000 three months after his brother was killed.”

The now infamous cover of the album, Black Bastards, featured a Sambo figure being lynched in effigy in a game of Hangman. Ross joked that he and DOOM got drunk the day Elektra decided to part ways with him, while DOOM quipped that he should get dropped more often.

While DOOM and Subroc had a modest following due to both their own efforts and an affiliation with 3rd Bass, DOOM would essentially reinvent himself as a solo artist following a two-and-a-half year hiatus. As a soloist, DOOM had stints on both Rhymesayers, Stones Throw and secured a deal with Cartoon Network.

“He basically went on to create what is known as ‘backpack rap’ or underground rap,” Ross added. “He is probably the biggest proponent and the most recognizable figure from the Fat Beats era of post-regular, weirdo rap. It was always a marvel to me that he could take that bad blow, turn it around, and come back with a new entity and be bigger and better than ever. It’s a testament to him as a person.”

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

No Idea's Original Vol.1 & 2 mixed by D.J. SOUL

No Idea's Original Vol.1

Artwork: Denis from Mighty Healthy.

Here’s the homie DJ Soul‘s 70 minute-plus Download here.

No Idea's Original Vol. 2

1. Average White Band - Overture
2. Kool & The Gang - Summer Madness (Live)
3. Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes - I Miss You
4. Ace Spectrum - I Don't Want To Play Around
5. Les McCann - Sometimes I Cry
6. The Montclairs - Do I Stand A Chance
7. Bunny Sigler - Half A Man
8. Kenny Nolan - A Song Between Us
9. Andy Bey - Tune Up
10. Smoked Sugar - Keeping Up My Front
11. The Bar-Kays - If This World Was Mine
12. The Intruders - Together
13. Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Interlude
14. Mike Oldfield - In High Places
15. Steel Pulse - Blues Raid Dance
16. Vado - Large In The Streets
17. Francois De Roubaix - Les Dunes D'ostende
18. Sweet Inspiration - You Roam When You Don't Get It At Home
19. John Cameron - Half Forgotten Daydreams
20. New Hope - Godofallofus
21. The Warriors - Interlude
22. Baltik - No Registration, Please
23. Brian Bennett - Solstice
24. Michael Jackson - Heartbreak Hotel
25. Melvin Bliss - Synthetic Substitution
26. Kid Dynamite - Uphill Peace of Mind
27. Soul II Soul - Back To Life
28. The Ambassadors - Ain't Got the Love (Of One Girl On My Mind)
29. Lamont Dozier - Let Me Make Love To You
30. Gringo - Patriotic Song
31. The O'Jays - A Prayer
32. Cortex - Chanson D'Un Jour D'Hiver
33. Caldera - Ancient Source
34. Heart - What About Love
35. Curtis Mayfield - The Makings of You (Live)
36. Manfred Mann's Earth Band - You Are, I Am
37. Justice - Phantom Pt. 2
38. Flo & Eddie - Keep It Warm
39. Annie Lennox - No More "I Love You's"
40. Reflection Eternal - Interlude
41. Heaven & Earth - Let Me Back In
42. Joanna Newsom - The Book Of Right-On
43. Ndugu & The Chocolate Jam Company - Take Some Time
44. Lonnie Liston Smith - If You Can't Take Care Of Me
45. Monsters Of Folk - Dear God (Sincerely M.O.F.)
46. Trevor Dandy - Is There Any Love
47. John Legend - Again
48. Aphex Twin - Avril 14th
49. Chris Rock - Interlude
50. Enchantment - Silly Love Song