Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Keep ya eyez out for this Mixtape

Tracklist mixtape Killah Priest

1. I Killed the Devil Last Night (Prod. Killah Priest & Marvin Gaye)
2. The Book (Prod. Thorotracks)
3. The Escape - the devil’s sidemen (Prod. Killah Priest Marvin Gaye)
4. The Long Ride (Prod. Kilisto)
5. Power of Freestyle
6. Power of Freestyle part. 2 (Prod. Killah Priest & Marvin Gaye)
7. The Devils Meeting “take my drunkass home” (Prod. Killah Priest & Marvin Gaye)
8. The Color of Murder (Prod. Danger)
9. The Devils Eulogy
10. Priest Style
11. Forever Regime feat. Vendetta Kingz, 60 Second Assain
12. Starkim Freestyle
13. How We Met
14. Valley of Bones
15. StarKim – Go Hard
16. Daughter (Prod. DJ Woool)
17. No Holding Back (Prod. DJ Woool)
18. Puff a Cloud (Prod. DJ Woool)
19. The Edge of the Night feat. Purpose
20. Black Jesuz (Prod. Kount 5th)
21. Amazing Freestyle
22. Vampire Lord aka. “Castle Hop”
23. The P.W.O.W.R Freestyle part.3
24. Gather Around
25. The Devils Funeral
26. Outro