Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Gza's Harvard Lecture The Audio

This man is finally gettin the respect he deserves...fuck the bullshit tho, I'mma keep it 100..

It wasn't so long ago, (and really it is still like this in many ways) that academic types turned their noses up at Hip-Hop and hardcore urban culture, branding it low ball and juvenile. Well guess what you stuffy ass, Thoreau and Ginsberg readin' fuckas, The Gza just spoke at your almighty Harvard. That's right, Wu-Tang is for the children ...of Cambridge.

Back on Thursday (Dec. 1st) The Genius broke it down for all the Crimson faithful who wanted to listen, and lectured on the music industry for the Harvard Black Men's Forum. Below you can download your copy of the lecture and you won't even have to register or show up on time and take notes..