Friday, February 27, 2009

Free Download: Killah Priest Walter Reed Mixtape

Published: Friday - February 27, 2009
Words by BallerStatus Staff

Wu-Tang affiliate Killah Priest has teamed up with and our in-house artist Tha Advocate to give our readers and his fans an exclusive free download of his brand new street mixtape The Untold Story Of Walter Reed.

The 20+ track release features brand new exclusive freestyles to keep fans' mouths watering while he readies the release of his next full length LP, The Psychic World Of Walter Reed.

"I want to tell the fans at BallerStatus, this is just grass roots Priest, the rapper says. "I'm just coming at you in your face. I'm just giving away gems. I'm the Priest that's just emceeing."

The Untold Story Of Walter Reed is strictly Killah Priest, aside from appearances by his artists Starkim and G/Ciples, both gracing the free mixtape with their own freestyles.

Priest says the new tape ranks up with some of his best mixtapes, but admits it's not his best. However, he makes it clear that the music is a problem regardless.

"As far as mixtapes, it's up there, but not my best. That's soon to come," Killah Priest says. "But, as far as rhyming? It's going to be way better than 99% of the albums out right now. Oh, I forgot it's a drought out here, as far as dope songs go."

So, here's some new Killah to sink your teeth into. The rapper revealed that he will drop a Pt. 2 to this tape just before his album The Psychic World Of Walter Reed hits stores.

To download the The Untold Story Of Walter Reed mixtape, get it now at this download link. And be sure to stay tuned to

The tracklist is as follows:

"The Intro"
"The Killah"
"The Perfect MC"
"Growing Pains (Ghetto)"
"Gabriels Palace The Dybbuk"
"Never Existed"
"G/ciples" ft. G/ciples
"My World"
"Among Gangsters"
"Just Some Sh** Off The Top"
"Live (For The Moment)"
"Starkim Freestyle" ft. Starkim
"Killah Man"
"840 Babylon"
"Taking It Back"
"Slaughter House Freestyle"

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

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untold story of walter reed out FRIDAY FREE!!!!!!

Mixtape Available 2-27-09
for FREE !

Available for download at:

Killah Priest 2009 release

“The Untold Story of Walter Reed” (Mix Tape)


  1. The Intro
  2. The Covenant
  3. The Killer
  4. The Perfect MC
  5. Growing pains (ghetto)
  6. Gabriel’s palace the dybbuk
  7. Never Existed
  8. ME
  9. G/Ciples feat. G/Ciples
  10. My World
  11. Sanskrit
  12. Among Gangsters
  13. Just some shit off the top
  14. Numbers
  15. Recognize
  16. Live (for the moment)
  17. Starkim freestyle feat. Starkim
  18. Killah Man
  19. 840 Babylon
  20. Taking it back
  21. Slaughter House freestyle

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