Saturday, September 19, 2009

Grandmaster Roc Raida made his transition

final confirmation, artists and associates including Da Beatminerz and Busta Rhymes have stated that turntablism pioneer and instructor Roc Raida has died this weekend. The New York-based deejay was most known for his years with the award-winning X-Men (b/k/a) The X-Ecutioners. This crew, whose legendary lineup included founder Rob Swift, Total Eclipse, Mista Sinista and Roc Raida (Steve Dee, DJ Boogie Blind and DJ Precision were also members at various times).
Last month, it was reported that the deejay was hospitalized as a result of a spinal injury. Although those reports have yet to be officially confirmed, the Hip Hop industry began a campaign wishing the innovator for a speedy recovery.
At 37 years old, Roc Raida won numerous ITF and DMC championships for his turntable skills. Although he is remembered for his jovial character away from the decks, Raida was an innovator in cut-throat deejay battles that often involved incorporating competitor’s names into his mixes. Raida’s also known for his agile spin-moves, and often making acrobatic cuts on the turntable, through legs, over the shoulder, and using his mouth to cut the fader.
Through his AdiarCor imprint, Roc Raida released over half a dozen CDs and DVDs, that were both mixtapes, documentaries and instructionals for aspiring deejays. His mixtapes, including Crossfaderz, and WHAT! 187 FM are also remembered for their comedic interludes, often making mock commercials for malt liquors, car services and Jamaican nightclubs.
On records, Raida was present for The X-Ecutioners’ 2002 album Built From Scratch, released on Loud/Sony Records. Previously, the deejay crew was infamously recruited by Rick Rubin for his Def American imprint, but failed to reach an agreement.
With his scratching abilities, Roc Raida worked on dozens of classic albums. Highlights include O.C.’s Word…Life, Big Pun’s Capital Punishment, Buckshot Lefonque’s self-titled debut and Immortal Technique’s two Revolutionary [click to read] volumes. As a producer, Roc Raida worked with numerous members of D.I.T.C. and Smif N’ Wessun.
Last week, via Grandmaster Roc Raida’s MySpace page, his family said this: “Anthony Williams p/k/a/ GM Roc Raida is in the hospital. His family thanks all of his fans for the well wishes and prayers. At this time please allow him and his family privacy to deal with the matter. The rumors and chatter is not accurate and we will release something more in detail at a later time. Thank you on behalf of the family and close friends.”
Statement from Roc Raida’s family, confirming the tragic loss. “Anthony Williams p/k to the world as The Legendary Grandmaster Roc Raida has passed away unexpectedly today September 19 2009. He is survived by his wife, three lovely daughters, mother and friends. Raida was recently in an mixed martial arts accident, something that he has been practicing for several years. Although he had under gone two surgeries with great success, was released to an inpatient physical therapy facility and was in great spirits the past few days. This morning he started to have complications and passed. The family asks for privacy at this time.”

Friday, July 24, 2009


First a matter of business. When Aaron McGruder introduced “The Boondocks” in 1999 it had one of the most syndicated launches in comic history. A few years later and your best bet at getting to check in on Huey and Riley was at Fast forward 2005 and McGruder kills again when “The Boondocks” cartoon scores the largest premier in Adult Swim history. Since then we haven’t heard much, and rumors of a similar disappearance loomed over the cartoon. Ha, no worries, 15 more episodes this June. Word. Moving on. I can’t tell you how many times I have been watching “The Boondocks” with buddies and someone asks “who is this?” when the theme music roles - and I’m like “motherfucker, don’t you have Google?” But don’t sweat it: It’s Asheru, who’s the host of Dub Floyd’s Hip Hop Docktrine: The Official Boondocks Mixtape – a collection of previously released tracks from well known artists and some Boondocks original content. Blended thoughtfully, Dub Floyd uses relevant samples from the show to blend with thematic elements of songs. A clip of Grandpa giving Riley an asswhooping leads into Ghostface’s “Whip You With A Strap” and a clip of Huey listing the “radical leftist organizations” he founded segues into an ill remix of “Black Panthers” with Dead Prez, Common, and the Last Poets. Dub Floyd stays on point, linking the content of the show to his tracklisting. The songs mix humor, hip hop, reverence, cartoon culture, and social commentary just like McGruder does to the strip and show. Songs like Akir’s “Politricks,” Edo G’s “Wishing,” and the Roots “It Don’t Feel Right” bang unabashed social criticism. Other songs are lighter but stick to the message like Dangerdoom’s “Old School” where Talib raps “I might be buggin but it seem to me that cartoons seem realer than reality TV.” But don’t overlook the fresh talent on the tape. The host Asheru, best known for the theme, does some heavy lifting on tracks with Talib and Black Lincolns. “We break bread as if we have pockets with no bottoms/cant be further from the truth/like words spit in the booth/mixed down packaged and shipped/then marketed to the youth” he spits on “Revolution.” The dude Tough Junkie also gets real creative on “Boondocks Freestyle” – a track parodying black kids moving into the white suburb over a beat crafted from the Boondocks interlude with Uncle Ruckus getting buck on the hook. While most of these tracks are well known bangers, this is truly the soundtrack to McGruder’s important contribution. The clips from the show had me laughing my ass off – like when Riley tells Mr. Dubois to “get off [MLK’s] dick. But the album is heady too. My pencil looked nubbish after trying to keep track of how many times the word “revolution” is dropped on the tape. But that’s “The Boondocks,” a wicked blend of humor and smarts that scares a lot of motherfuckers out there.

(The Official Boondocks Mixtape)
Hall Of Justus Edition (Disc 1ne)
Hosted by Little Brother & Skyzoo

Click Here To Download (Disc 1ne)

01. League Crew - Intro
02. Little Brother - Intro
03. Chaundon - The Boondocks Theme 2.0
04. Chaundon & Asheru - Hip Hop Docktrine (Prod. By The Kickdrums)
05. Cool Cee Brown, Phonte, & Asheru - No Fear
06. Tanya Morgan - Walk This Way (Dream On) (Prod. By Aeon)
07. Erykah Badu feat. Little Brother - Honey (Wally Sparks Mix) (Prod. By 9th Wonder)
08. Skyzoo - Never Sleep (Prod. By Illmind)
09. Skyzoo & Joell Ortiz - A Brooklyn Summer (Wally Sparks Mix) (Prod. By Nicotine Beats)
10. Ja$ - T.R.O.Y. (Freestyle)
11. Phonte Speaks (Prod. By DJay Cas)
12. Cormega feat. Little Brother - The Rap Game (Prod. By Khrysis)
13. Jozeemo feat. Little Brother - Lose It
14. J*Davey feat. Pacific Division, Diz Gibran, & Bleu Collar - sLAyers
15. Little Brother - Rise To Fall (Mick Boogie Mix) (Prod. By J. Dilla)
16. Pugs Atomz feat. Hall Of Fame - Black Boy (Prod. By Hi-Tek)
17. Skyzoo feat. Maino & Stimuli - Cop & Go (Prod. By 9th Wonder)
18. Sha Stimuli - The N Word Song
19. L.E.G.A.C.Y. - The Trial
20. Illa J feat. Rapper Big Pooh & Bishop Lamont - Respect It (Prod. By J. Dilla)
21. DJ Spinna feat. Phonte - Dillagence (J. Dilla Tribute)
22. Cunninglynguists feat. Phonte & Witchdoctor - Yellow Lines
23. Rashid Hadee feat. Common - Let Go (Wally Sparks Mix)
24. Amanda Diva - Supawoman
25. Phonte’s Favorite Characters (Prod. By Von Pea)
26. Tanya Morgan - Bout To Be Some (Prod. By Khrysis) (Hip Hop Dock-Trine Exclusive)
27. Blu Checks In
28. Blu - The Only Way (Hip Hop Dock-Trine Exlcusive)
29. Skyzoo Speaks (Produced By Sonny Crack)
30. P.H.E.A.R. I Love Her Again
31. A Tribe Called Quest - Bonita Applebum (Flashback)
32. Little Brother - Outro

(The Official Boondocks Mixtape)
Thugnificent Edition (Disc 2wo)
Hosted by Metaphor The Great

Click Here To Download (Disc 2wo)

01. Metaphor The Great - Intro
02. Metaphor The Great - Hip Hop Dock-Trine 2 Intro (Prod. By JJ The Genius)
03. HUYUSHERU (Mr. Hu, Y.U., & Asheru) - Balance
04. Muneshine feat. Emilio Rojas & D-Sisive - These Days (Prod. By Pete Rock)
05. Main Flow feat. Cormega - Forever
06. MTV News (Sway) - Thugnificent: Rags To Bitches
07. Blackstar feat. India Arie - Hopeless (Wally Sparks Mix) (Prod. By Justice League)
08. Barak Yalad feat. Trouble T - Bewitched (Produced By Young Cee)
09. Jean Grae - It’s A Wrap
10. The Lethal Interjection Crew & Rags To Bitches The Album (Interlude)
11. Asheru Checks In
12. Asheru feat. Heron Gibran - Keep On Rockin’ (Hip Hop Dock-Trine Exclusive)
13. Rashid Hadee - Whatever It Takes (Hip Hop Dock-Trine Exclusive)
14. Metaphor The Great Speaks (Prod. By Von Pea)
15. Metaphor The Great - Freestyle (Riley’s Theme) (Boondocks Exclusive)
(Prod. By JJ The Genius)
16. Ghostface Killah - Nigga Moment (Interlude)
17. Ghostface Killah - Save Me Baby (Dub Floyd & DJ Unexpected Remix) (Prod. By J. Dilla)
18. NY Oil - Maybe (Hip Hop Dock-Trine Exclusive)
19. Dres (Blacksheep) - Grew Up (Hip Hop Dock-Trine Exclusive)
20. Huey & Riley Party with The Lethal Interjection (Interlude)
21. Talib Kweli feat. Raekwon - Start To Finish (Dub Floyd Screamixx) (Prod. By The Kickdrums)
22. AZ & Styles P Checks In
23. AZ feat. Styles P. - The Hardest Out (Prod. By Large Professor)
24. Pacific Division Checks In
25. Pacific Division - For Real
26. Quasimoto feat. Ghostface Killah - Hydrant Game (Dub Floyd Screamixx) (Prod. By Jaylib)
27. Metaphor The Great - Shout Outs (Produced By Tough Junkie)
28. Metaphor The Great - Do That (Hip Hop Dock-Trine Exclusive) (Prod. By JJ The Genius)
29. 106 & Park, TRL & Fat Man Scoop - Rap Beef Nigga (Interlude)
30. The Lethal Interjection Crew - Eff Granddad (Boondocks Dirty Exclusive)
31. U-N-I - Castlevania
32. Tough Junkie - Not For Me (Hip Hop Dock-Trine Exclusive)
33. Phene - The Spokesman (Prod. By DJay Cas)
34. Granddad & Xzibit - Retaliation (YouTuberlude)
35. Metaphor The Great - I’m Metaphor (Hip Hop Dock-Trine Exclusive) (Prod. By JJ The Genius)
36. Hi-Tek feat. Homeskillet, Crunch Ex & Mood (Donte & Main Flow) - Breakin’ Bread (Flashback)
37. The Life & Times Of Colonel H. Stinkmeaner (Interlude)
38. David Banner feat. Colonel H. Stinkmeaner - B.A.N. (The Love Song aka Free T.I.)
39. St. Laz feat. Geolani - Dollar Circulate (Dub Floyd Screamixx) (Produced By 9th Wonder)
40. Metaphor The Great - Outro

(The Official Boondocks Mixtape)
Hosted by Asheru

Click Here To Download

1. Asheru (Intro)
2. Asheru - The Boondocks Theme
3. Black Lincolns (Asheru, Heron Gibron, Blackberry Jones) - The Hustle (Produced by Blackberry Jones)
4. Talib Kweli - More Or Less (Produced by Hi-Tek)
5. Little Brother feat. Mos Def - Let It Go (Produced by 9th Wonder)
6. Skyzoo - The Bodega (Produced by 9th Wonder)
7. Gangstalicious Ressurection (Interlude)
8. Asheru Speaks (Produced by Tough Junkie)
9. Dead Prez feat. Common & Last Poets - Panthers (Dub Floyd Screamixx Produced by J. Dilla R.I.P.)
10. Akir - Politricks
11. Asheru - Revolution
12. Common - Nag Champa (Produced by J. Dilla R.I.P.) (Flashback)
13. Method Man feat. Lauren Hill & CL Smooth - They Say (Dub Floyd Screamixx)
14. The Roots feat. Maimouna Yousef - It Don't Feel Right
15. Doujah Raze feat. AG & Sean Price - Fahrenheit
16. Sway - Breaking News (Interlude)
17. AZ feat. Rakim - The Format (Dub Floyd Screamixx Produced by DJ Premier)
18. Pharoahe Monch - Let's Go (Produced by Black Milk)
19. Asheru feat. Talib Kweli - Mood Swing
20. Tough Junkie - The Boondocks (Freestyle) (Produced by Tough Junkie)
21. Danger Doom feat. Talib Kweli - Old School
22. Ghostface Killah - Whip You With A Strap (Produced by J. Dilla R.I.P.)
23. MF Doom feat. Ghostface Killah - Angels (Produced by MF Doom)
24. Blackstar - Hip Hop ( Dub Floyd Screamixx Produced by DJ Premier)
25. Edo G feat. Masta Ace - Wishing (Produced by Pete Rock)
26. Gangstaliscious Ressurection Pt. 2 (Interlude)
27. Hi-Tek - New York sh*t (Freestyle)
28. Jean Grey & Talib Kweli - New York sh*t (Freestyle)
29. Pete Rock & CL Smooth - They Reminisce Over You (Flashback)
30. Asheru Speaks 2 (Produced by Tough Junkie)
31. Asheru - Niggas (The Boondocks Exclusive)
32. The Procussions - Little People
33. Gnarls Barkley - Smiling Faces
34. Asheru (Outro)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Killah priest

"MP3`s / Videos - Priest Hood"

I Killed The Devil Last Night

Wu-Tang affiliate Killah Priest has been hard at work. Just this February, he teamed up with us to give away his free The Untold Story Of Walter Reed mixtape, and now, we're re-upping with him for another project. and Tha Advocate are presenting this brand new street album, titled I Killed The Devil Last Night, for free, exclusively here on BallerStatus.

"This is more like a street album, it's Priest doing other things on here," the rapper explained. "I killed the devil with music."

The project is a 26-track effort, full of brand new, never-heard-before freestyles and original tracks all with Killah Priest by himself, aside from one track from his son Starkim, as well as a collabo track with Advo, Willy Northpole, Stat Quo, Big Lou, Hussein Fatal, and others.

"Advo's 'Where I Come From (Remix)' was a murderous joint. It was crazy ... all these new young terrorizers on the mic ... hip-hop is infinite," exclaimed Killah Priest.

Other Killah Priest projects are forthcoming. Until then, enjoy this new mixtape by downloading here, and stayed tuned for updates at

The full tracklist of I Killed The Devil Last Night is as follows:

  1. "I Killed The Devil Last Night"
  2. "The Book"
  3. "The Chase"
  4. "The Long Ride"
  5. "Wu Hoo Freestyle"
  6. "Power Freestyle"
  7. "Drinkin' With The Devil"
  8. "Color of Murder"
  9. "The Devil's Eulogy"
  10. "Psychic Priestyles"
  11. "Vendetta Kingz" (Preview from Forever Regiem)
  12. "Minds" - Starkim
  13. "How We Met" Skit
  14. "Dark Evening in Hell's Poll" ft. Rasul
  15. "Brooklyn Style"
  16. "My Daughters"
  17. "Don't Stop"
  18. "Puff A Cloud"
  19. "Edge of the Night"
  20. "Black Jesus Freestyle"
  21. "Amazing"
  22. "Vampire Loud"
  23. "3-6 Freestyle"
  24. "The Coming"
  25. "The Funeral"
  26. "Where I Come From (Remix)"- Tha Advocate ft. Willy Northpole, Killah Priest, Stat Quo, Doitall, Big Lou, Hussein Fatal, Sha Stimuli & Mr. Probz
  27. "Outro"

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Keep ya eyez out for this Mixtape

Tracklist mixtape Killah Priest

1. I Killed the Devil Last Night (Prod. Killah Priest & Marvin Gaye)
2. The Book (Prod. Thorotracks)
3. The Escape - the devil’s sidemen (Prod. Killah Priest Marvin Gaye)
4. The Long Ride (Prod. Kilisto)
5. Power of Freestyle
6. Power of Freestyle part. 2 (Prod. Killah Priest & Marvin Gaye)
7. The Devils Meeting “take my drunkass home” (Prod. Killah Priest & Marvin Gaye)
8. The Color of Murder (Prod. Danger)
9. The Devils Eulogy
10. Priest Style
11. Forever Regime feat. Vendetta Kingz, 60 Second Assain
12. Starkim Freestyle
13. How We Met
14. Valley of Bones
15. StarKim – Go Hard
16. Daughter (Prod. DJ Woool)
17. No Holding Back (Prod. DJ Woool)
18. Puff a Cloud (Prod. DJ Woool)
19. The Edge of the Night feat. Purpose
20. Black Jesuz (Prod. Kount 5th)
21. Amazing Freestyle
22. Vampire Lord aka. “Castle Hop”
23. The P.W.O.W.R Freestyle part.3
24. Gather Around
25. The Devils Funeral
26. Outro

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

[Killah Priest]

There's a season for everything
A time for every occupation of the heaven
A time for givin' birth
A time for dyin'
A time for for plannin'
A time for uprooted that which was planted
A time for killin'
A time for healin'
A time for knockin' down
A time for buildin'
A time for tears
A time for laughter
A time for mournin'
A time for dancin'
A time for throwin' stones away
A time for gatherin' them up
A time for embracin'
A time to refrain from embracin'
A time for searchin'
A time for losin'
A time for keepin'
A time for throwin' away
A time for tearin'
A time for sewin'
A time for keepin' silent
A time for speakin'
A time for lovin'
A time for hatin'
A time for war
A time for peace
So what does a man gain for the efforts that he makes?
I contemplate the task
'The Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away'
Thy horse is a spirit waitin' me near they graves
A ghost rider leaps out on the saddle of it
Then the horse begins runnin'
Upward beyond an orange summit
That same horse saddled in my cousin and billions of dozens
Before their bones begin crumblin'
To their grave from the mother stomach
Well, my nephew he wrote one
To that bowl sun, his mother followed him
Way up into the outer realms
Where the clouds are crowded wit men
At night the goons are prowlin' for gems
There's place for grandparents
A far advanced planet
Where dreams go, where Kings and Queens souls
Where everything seems slow
Tupac moves in that dark, Biggie is seein' at our city
It's misty; Jam Master Jay is in that haze
Big L as well, he dwells wit Big Pun in that Kingdom
And J. Dillinger and the millions of souls
Many more will have to go, reason why? I don't know
You try to stay focus, watchin' for that day approaches
You got the coverage of the Lord's judgment
The blood rinse off your soft body
Then placed in the arms of your mommy
She placed you in a potty
Fast forward, you in a staircase in your lobby
Watchin' fiends goin' out on apartment 5-D
Well I know this crackhead name Brother Lord
Always watchin' him huggin' the floor
Many get high and many souls have to fly
The Bible says we all have to die
You look for reasons, I don't know why
This is where the ghetto spirits cob the night
No owls in flight, no sound in sight
As we float like a cloud thru the dark light
Barkin' of buncha old worn out dogs nobody wants
Hounds from hell, the starvin' night haunts
The flesh is unveiled, pure spirit unbothered by gravity
A body weigh to a Godly place
Then drift into the internal night
As they take the eternal flight
They see her majesty, the Gatekeeper
The great weepers, the grave's deeper
And the night is frostbit
So long back to the darkness

That's enough, your majesty, that's enough
Shhhhh... You're sworn into secrecy, say no more
But Father...
No one must know about the hidden door
Close the door and move out the way
Close the door

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mulatu Astatke & His Ethiopian Quintet - Afro-Latin Soul Vol.1&2 (1966)

Recorded in Brooklyn, NY

1. I Faram Gami I Faram
2. Mascaram Setaba
3. Shagu
4. One For Buzayhew
5. Alone In The Crowd
6. Almaz
8. Askum
9. A Kiss Before Dawn
10. Playboy Cha Cha
11. The Panther (Boogaloo)
12. Konjit (Pretty)
13. Soul Power
14. Lover's Mambo
15. Love Mood For Two
16. Jijiger
17. Girl From Addis Abada
18. Karayu
19. Raina

--- LINK ---

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mos Def Talking About MF Doom

I saw this post on PIPOMIXES BLOG i thought this was a real good video

check it out!!

Lord forgive me, for I have sinned. It has been two weeks and I still haven't copped the new Doom. If you've been sleeping on Doom like me, check these snippets and listen to what you've been missing. Still not convinced? Well, maybe the mighty Mos Def can convince you of the virtues of some Doom in your life.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

From the Midnite/I-Grade Collaboration Structa

Structa - Midnite

vijan.jpg (10364 bytes)

From the Midnite/I-Grade Collaboration:


bar2.jpg (778 bytes)


Yeah, whoa yeah

Jah Rastafari structa we
Highest of physiognomy
Triangles upon my physiognomy
Straight down from the pituitary
The adrenal to the mouth
Open down in the drought, whoa

Selassie I jah rastafari structa we, yeah
Structa I highly
Yeah, order we deda don be
Two heads upon two triangles upon the body, yeah
Two creative members pon one hand each another in authority

Which one of them beats in authority, oh woa

Jah rastafari structa I highly, yeah
To move in grace and majesty
The giver of the utmost dignity
The highly of the best of your quality, yeah

Whoa, triangles interlaced
Them a call it the Star of David, yeah
Up in a Lalibela
In the mountains of ithiopia
Four directions, six diagonally, six spatially, yeah

Highly and kingly
Upon my idren all them bredren all them sistren
Them aura is plain in visibility
Them in a honesty
Following the good ways of integrity, whoa, yeah

Jah structa I highly
To keep up his face and his majesty
To withhold not of the good
Withhold not of the good
To rob not a man of his honor
Of his stripes that he have earned
Hard work, to the hard work in simplicity, hmm

They stiff-necked
Them chose to overlook him in a simplicity
And overlook him unkindly, yeah

Jah Rastafari structa man highly
Walk in the utmost humility
In the utmost dignity
Structa the woman highly
Made her the first, the empress be
First mother, first teacher
Give suckle, give nurture, give nature
She is nature, ahh
Them a sell the method to nature
Them a sell method of Medusela, selah

Rasta structa man highly
To live up with the utmost ability
Whoa, ahh, yeah

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

About me


Iyahbinghi I upholdin the livity of Qedamawi Haile Selassie and Qedamawit Empress Menen JAH! RASTAFARI. I man sighted up Ethiopia from here in da north hellz of da united snakes of a stolen country called america as the gates unto Zion and Mother of kemet oldest of nations who always fought against colonial invading forces of evil in high & low places, as that irit was inherited in da I as a descendent of those Men Women & children who survived the middle passages still fight against oppression on all fronts. so wit that NYAHBINGHI!!! Im also a custodian of HipHop culture cleanin up aftah these cats that shit up da place and try dumb down my people into a nation of weak breeds dry and lost like bones in a desert I see hip hop as one of the last voices to wake da masses up only if implemented right and not sellin ya soul out to make a money INI Itribute a strength to independent media so its we who tell our story INI true story because its really us we are waiting on no one can give us freedom but us

Your Principle Areas of Interest:
The upliftment of one's self and fallen humanity

The degree of "I" represents the phase of consciousness that links one to their genetic nature or "Identity". This symbolizes the initial sincere desire to "know" his/her natal birthrights as it relates to their national parentage identity, psycho-spiritual system for spiritual advancement and the pursuit of right law as it pertains to their earthly existence. As it was stated by Sheik Sharif Abdul Ali, "What your Ancient Mothers and Fathers were, you are today without doubt or contradiction". This degree teaches the adept to focus on the "higher I," the genuine and essential Identity as opposed to the "lower I," the replacement and false Identity.

The degree of "Self" represents the phase of consciousness that encourages one to "Know Thy Self". This degree explores the physiology, occult anatomy, esoteric psychology and divine constitution "in" MAN. It urges the adept to learn about his/her "Microcosmic Self" as it acts as a reflection of the "Macrocosmic Self". In the process of "Learning Thy Self" to "Know Thy Self," the higher consciousness presses toward the elevated manifestation of Logos. This degree, symbolized by the pyramid and all seeing eye, encompasses the mysteries of a higher knowledge directed toward an open-ended living mind which infinitely reveals itself. However, the adept soon learns that the mysteries of the open-ended living mind, does not continue to bestow higher frequencies of light coded information until "service," through right law (Isonomi), is manifest among the brotherhoods of the earth plane called Assiah.

The degree of "Law" represents the phase of consciousness that teaches MAN the science of governance through the operative science of "Isonomi," right law, as it relates to the seven universal principles (articles) of the divine constitution. This degree urges that one practice, advocate and act in divine accordance with "Universal Law" by respecting the "rules of cosmic nature". Right law, Isonomi, symbolizes the operative degree of the universal principles, in action, for the betterment of MAN, as a holistic entity. The practice of this degree can best be described in the book on 1st John 4:20-21. "If anyone says 'I love God,' yet hates his brother, whom he has seen, cannot love God, whom he has not seen. And he has given us this command. Whoever loves God must also love his brother". If you look closely in the center of the compass and square, you find the Masonic trowel which represent a tool used to spread (love) cement between the bricks (ashlars, MAN) while building the universal temple of T.G.A.O.T.U.

The degree of "Am" represents the phase of consciousness that sparks the revelation of the "I Am" principle, the inner kingdom with "GOD" presence illuminating the darkness of uncertainty. This degree teaches the science of "synchronicity," the discipline of how everything is related, interconnected and has the divine spark of the "Most High" as the center of its existence, "As Above, So Below". This aspect of the degree system communes the "I Am" consciousness and intelligence to the Planetary "I Am" intelligence to the higher angelic "I Am" intelligence and so forth. The adept, during this path of conscious enlightenment, begins to understand the evolutionary ascension of the hierarchy and the interpolation of the many universes (Chilicosm) within the divine mind.

The degree of "Master" represents the adept's journey to "full" self discovery. As this degree is identified with the zodiacal ideograph of the mundane cross, it symbolizes the release of one's lower universal existence from the cycles of life and death or the wheel of bardo (zodiacal wheel) through one acting out of right psycho-spiritual expression, right meditation, the positive practice of Isonomi, the complete assimilation of the lower self into the higher self and the unreserved submission to the divine universal constitution of "The All". In this degree, the logos, the circle and the seven are manifest and elevated consciousness of "Ho Christos" is revealed as MAN in a state of completion; however, continuing toward his more perfected self as Adam Kadmon

What is your territory:
Moorish Amexem Empire, North, South, Central America

Relationship Status:
In a Partnership

What's your Nationality:

Home Temple


Grand Sheik, Jelani D. A. Khalfani Bey

P.O BOX 1145


OFFICE #: 1-860-888-1884
& my math is 1-860-777-8589

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Friday, February 27, 2009

Free Download: Killah Priest Walter Reed Mixtape

Published: Friday - February 27, 2009
Words by BallerStatus Staff

Wu-Tang affiliate Killah Priest has teamed up with and our in-house artist Tha Advocate to give our readers and his fans an exclusive free download of his brand new street mixtape The Untold Story Of Walter Reed.

The 20+ track release features brand new exclusive freestyles to keep fans' mouths watering while he readies the release of his next full length LP, The Psychic World Of Walter Reed.

"I want to tell the fans at BallerStatus, this is just grass roots Priest, the rapper says. "I'm just coming at you in your face. I'm just giving away gems. I'm the Priest that's just emceeing."

The Untold Story Of Walter Reed is strictly Killah Priest, aside from appearances by his artists Starkim and G/Ciples, both gracing the free mixtape with their own freestyles.

Priest says the new tape ranks up with some of his best mixtapes, but admits it's not his best. However, he makes it clear that the music is a problem regardless.

"As far as mixtapes, it's up there, but not my best. That's soon to come," Killah Priest says. "But, as far as rhyming? It's going to be way better than 99% of the albums out right now. Oh, I forgot it's a drought out here, as far as dope songs go."

So, here's some new Killah to sink your teeth into. The rapper revealed that he will drop a Pt. 2 to this tape just before his album The Psychic World Of Walter Reed hits stores.

To download the The Untold Story Of Walter Reed mixtape, get it now at this download link. And be sure to stay tuned to

The tracklist is as follows:

"The Intro"
"The Killah"
"The Perfect MC"
"Growing Pains (Ghetto)"
"Gabriels Palace The Dybbuk"
"Never Existed"
"G/ciples" ft. G/ciples
"My World"
"Among Gangsters"
"Just Some Sh** Off The Top"
"Live (For The Moment)"
"Starkim Freestyle" ft. Starkim
"Killah Man"
"840 Babylon"
"Taking It Back"
"Slaughter House Freestyle"

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untold story of walter reed out FRIDAY FREE!!!!!!

Mixtape Available 2-27-09
for FREE !

Available for download at:

Killah Priest 2009 release

“The Untold Story of Walter Reed” (Mix Tape)


  1. The Intro
  2. The Covenant
  3. The Killer
  4. The Perfect MC
  5. Growing pains (ghetto)
  6. Gabriel’s palace the dybbuk
  7. Never Existed
  8. ME
  9. G/Ciples feat. G/Ciples
  10. My World
  11. Sanskrit
  12. Among Gangsters
  13. Just some shit off the top
  14. Numbers
  15. Recognize
  16. Live (for the moment)
  17. Starkim freestyle feat. Starkim
  18. Killah Man
  19. 840 Babylon
  20. Taking it back
  21. Slaughter House freestyle

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