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Brother Dawud's teachings

Brother Dawud is one of the earliest teachers of esoteric knowledge in recent times. He heads the 7139 MILLENNIUM COLLECTIVE. Hailing out of N.Y.., the brother is well know for his revolutionary stances, while those around him punked-out! Many of his talks run parallel to those of Bobby Hemmitt. Brother Dawud's teachings help one's mind expand beyond the perpetual confusion of captivity.CAUTION- CLIPS MAY CONTAIN EXPLICIT LYRICS

Sunday, March 30, 2008


1. Trouble, Heartaches & Sadness (Ann Peebles)
2. Let's Straighten It Out (O.v. Wright)
3. I'll Never Grow Old (The Charmels)
4. The Masquerade Is Over (David Porter)
5. Groovin' (Willie Mitchell)
6. You Ought To Be With Me (Al Green)
7. You're All I Need To Get By (Marvin Gaye;Tammi Terrell)
8. If You Think It (you May As Well Fo It) (The Emotions)
9. Nautilus (Bob James)
10. Gotta Find A New World (Al Green)
11. Don't Do It (bonus Track) (Syl Johnson)
12. Little Ghetto Boy (live) (Donny Hathaway)
13. Could I Be Falling In Love (Syl Johnson)
14. After Laughter (comes Tears) (Wendy Rene)
15. Ain't No Sunshine (Lyn Collins)
16. Is It Because I'm Black (bonus Track) (Syl Johnson)
17. In The Rain (The Dramatics)
18. The Way We Were (Gladys Knight & The Pips)
19. Motherless Child (O.v. Wright)
20. Children Don't Get Weary (Booker T;The Mgs;Judy Clay)
21. Mellow Mood (part 1) (Barry White)


Shaolin Soul
Episode 2
01- I Hear The Love Chimes
02- Im Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down
03- Hard Times
04- I Like It
05- I Keep Asking You Questions
06- Honey Bee
07- Maybe Tomorrow
08- I Hate I Walked Away
09- Something.
10- Its Over
11- Warp Factor II (Edit)
12- Youre Getting Too Smart
13- I Got The (Blues)
14- Ive Been Watching You
15- Why Marry
16- Gone The Promises Of Yesterday
17- Aretha Sing One For Me
18- Cme Go With Me
19- Thats Just My Luck
20- Simply Beautiful


Shaolin Soul Episode 3

Gap Mangione - Free Again
Les McCann - Benjamin
Tommy Youngblood - Tobacco Road
Hot Chocolate - Brother Louie
Camille Yardbrough - Take Yo' Praise
O.V. Wright - A Fool Can't See The Light
Jerry Butler - Mechanical Man
Betty Lavette - Let Me Down Easy
Gladys Knight & The Pips - Giving Up
Al Green - Light My Fire
Curtis Mayfield - Underground (Demo)
B.B. King - The Thrill Is Gone
Chic - Le Freak
Love Unlimited - Midnight Groove
The Whatnauts - A Message From A Black Man
Johnnie Taylor - Steal Away
Donny Hathaway - I Believe To My Soul
Tom Scott - Today
Gladys Knight & The Pips - And This Is Love
Isaac Hayes - Walk On By
The Mohawks - The Champ
Ben E. King - I Who Have Nothing


Shaolin Soul Episode 4
01. Gap Mangione - Free Again02. Les McCann - Benjamin03. Tommy Youngblood - Tobacco Road04. Hot Chocolate - Brother Louie05. Camille Yardbrough - Take Yo' Praise06. O.V. Wright - A Fool Can't See The Light07. Jerry Butler - Mechanical Man08. Betty Lavette - Let Me Down Easy09. Gladys Knight & The Pips - Giving Up10. Al Green - Light My Fire11. Curtis Mayfield - Underground (Demo)12. B.B. King - The Thrill Is Gone13. Chic - Le Freak14. Love Unlimited - Midnight Groove15. The Whatnauts - A Message From A Black Man16. Johnnie Taylor - Steal Away17. Donny Hathaway - I Believe To My Soul18. Tom Scott - Today19. Gladys Knight & The Pips - And This Is Love20. Isaac Hayes - Walk On By21. The Mohawks - The Champ22. Ben E. King - I Who Have Nothing

Massive police attack on John Africa's MOVE

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
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The MOVE 9 are innocent men and women who have been in prison since
August 8, 1978, following a massive police attack on us at our home in
Powelton Village (Philadelphia). This was seven years before the
government dropped a bomb on MOVE, killing 11 people, including 5
babies. The August 8, 1978 police attack on MOVE followed years of
police brutality against MOVE and was a major military operation
carried out by the Philadelphia police department under orders of
then-mayor, Frank Rizzo, whose reputation for racism and brutality is
well known; it followed him up thru the ranks of the police department
to the police commissioner's office to the mayor's office. During this
attack, heavy equipment was used to tear down the fence surrounding our
home, and cops filled our home with enough tear gas to kill
us and our babies, while SWAT teams covered every possible exit. We
were all in the basement of our home, where we had 10 thousand pounds
of water pressure per minute directed at us from 4 fire department
water cannons (for a total of 40 thousand pounds of water pressure per
minute). As the basement filled with nearly six feet of water we had to
hold our babies and animals above the rising water so they wouldn't
drown. Suddenly shots rang out (news reporters and others know the shots came from a house at 33rd and Baring St., not our home, because they actually saw
the man shooting) and bullets immediately filled the air as police
through-out the area opened fire on us. Officer James Ramp, who was
standing above us on street-level and facing our home, was killed by a single bullet that struck him on a downward angle. This alone makes it impossible for MOVE to have killed Ramp, since we were below
street level, in the basement. MOVE adults came out of the house
carrying our children through clouds of tear gas, we were beat and
arrested. Television cameras actually filmed the vicious beating of our brother Delbert Africa (3 of the 4 cops that beat Delbert went to trial on minor charges). Despite the photographic evidence, the trial judge (Stanley Kubacki) refused to let the jury render a verdict and himself
acquitted the cops by directed order. Nine of us were charged with
murder and related charges for the death of James Ramp. Within a few
hours of our arrest, our home (which is supposed to be the "scene of
the crime" and therefore evidence) was deliberately destroyed, demolished, by city officials when they were legally obligated to preserve
all evidence, but we were held for trial anyway. We went to trial
before Judge Edward Malmed who convicted all nine of us of third degree
murder (while admitting that he didn't have "the faintest idea" who
killed Ramp) and sentenced each of us to 30 - 100 years in prison.
Judge Malmed also stated that MOVE people said we are a family so he sentenced us as a family; we were supposed to be on trial for murder, not
for being a family. It is clear that the MOVE 9 are in prison for being
committed MOVE members, not for any accusation of crime. Three other
adults that were in the house on August 8th did not get the same treatment as those that this government knows are committed MOVE members. One had all
charges dismissed against her in September of 1978 with the judge
saying that there was no evidence that she was a committed MOVE member
when the issue was supposed to be murder. The second one was
held for trial but released on bail; she was acquitted. The third one
was held for trial with no bail, convicted of conspiracy and given
10-23 years; she was paroled in 1994. It is obvious that everything
depended on whether or not the courts thought it was dealing with a
committed MOVE member, court decisions had nothing to do with the accusation of murder. It has been 25 years since the August 8, 1978 police attack on MOVE, 25 years
of unjust of imprisonment, but despite the hardship of being separated
from family-members, despite the grief over the murder of
family-members (including babies), the MOVE 9 remain strong and loyal
to our Belief, our Belief in Life, the Teaching of our Founder, JOHN
AFRICA. We have an uncompromising commitment to our Belief, which is
what makes us a strong unified family, despite all this government have
done to break us up and ultimately exterminate us.

It will take a massive amount of public pressure to force this
rotten corrupt government to release the MOVE 9 and all political
prisoners----What can YOU do to add to the pressure?


Chuck Africa

 Debbie Africa

Delbert Africa

Eddie Africa

Janet Africa

 Janine Africa

Merle Africa

Mike Africa

Phil Africa

Africa: The Devil's Move on Move pt. 1

Africa: The Devil's Move on Move pt.2


Debbie Sims Africa #006307; Janet Hollaway Africa #006308
Janine Phillips Africa #6309

451 Fullerton Ave.

Cambridge Springs, PA. 16403-1238

William Phillips Africa #AM 4984; Delbert Orr Africa #AM 4985

1000 Follies Rd.

Dallas, PA. 18612

Michael Davis Africa #AM 4973; Charles Sims Africa #AM 4975

P.O. Box 244

Graterford, PA. 19426-0246

Edward Goodman Africa #AM 4974

301 Morea Rd.

Frackville, PA. 17932



P.O. Box 19709 Phila., PA. 19143

610 499-0979

A Soldier's Sad Story - Vietnam Through the Eyes of Black America 1966-1973

The anticipation, action and aftermath of 10 years of the Vietnam war as seen through the eyes of black America.01. The Monitors - Greetings (This Is Uncle Sam)02. Players - He'll Be Back03. William Bell - Marching Off to War04. Eddy "G" Giles & The Jive Five - While I'm Away (Baby Keep the Faith)05. Big Amos Patton - Going to Vietnam06. Mike Williams - Lonely Soldier07. Joe Tex - I Believe I'm Gonna Make It08. Johnny & Jon - Christmas in Vietnam09. Jimmy Holiday - I'm Gonna Help Hurry My Brothers Home10. James Carr - Let's Face Facts11. Zerben R. Hicks - Lights Out12. Richard Barbary - When Johnny Comes Marching Home13. Tiny Watkins - Soldier's Sad Story14. Emanual Laskey - Letter from Vietnam15. Gloria Edwards - Something You Couldn't Write About16. Mel & Tim - Mail Call Time17. The O'Jays - There's Someone (Waiting Back Home)18. Freda Payne - Bring the Boys Home19. Edwin Starr - Stop the War Now20. The Whispers - P.O.W. - M.I.A.21. Carla Whitney - War22. Bill Withers - I Can't Write Left Handed23. Curtis Mayfield - Back to the World24. Swamp Dogg - Sam StonesadDownload War

Does Anybody Know I'm Here ? - Vietnam Through the Eyes of Black America 1962-1972

01. Marvin Gaye - Soldier's Plea02. Brothers of Soul - Wait for Me03. The Velvelettes - Your Heart Belongs to Me04. William Bell - Soldier's Goodbye05. King Solomon - Please Mr. President06. The Charmels - Please Uncle Sam (Send Back My Man)07. Archie Bell & the Drells - Soldier's Prayer 196708. Tony Mason - Take Good Care09. James W. Alexander - Keep a Light in the Window Until I Come Home10. The Impressions - Don't Cry My Love11. Masters of Soul - Please Wait for Me (My Darling)12. Thelma Houston - Don't Cry My Soldier Boy13. The Temptations - War14. The Sweet Inspirations - Am I Ever Gonna See My Baby Again?15. Watson & The Sherlocks - Standing on the Corner16. The Dells - Does Anybody Know I'm Here?17. Melverine Thomas - Letter from My Son18. Joe Tex - I Can't See You No More (When Johnny Comes Marching Home)19. Inez & Charlie Foxx - Medley: Vaya con Dios/Fellow in Vietnam20. Roy C. - Open Letter to the President21. Martha Reeves - I Should Be Proud22. Bill Moss & the Celestials - Welcome the Boys Back Home23. Funkadelic - March to the Witch's CastledoesDownload War 2

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"The Boondocks" are the truth



Ive said it before and I will say it again, "The Boondocks" are the truth. This episode was banned from television because it exposes the truth about how B.E.T is ruining America. I can pretty much say the same for any music network.

This is one more for devils at viacom

said it before and Ima say it again


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Free Seminar Conference Call


Free Seminar
Conference Call
Dr. Phil Valentine
Eminent metaphysician, scholar, teacher and polymath will help us to have a better understanding of 2 very important, popular subjects:

1. The Merits and Practical Advantages of Developing a Metaphysical Mind
2. The Hygienic Approach to Natural Healing
DATE: Mon, March 24th
ACCESS: Dial 641.715.3200
Code 242390#

To register for this free seminar, contact us at:
or call: 386.456.9279
University of Kemetian Sciences
2713 W Covington Drive
Deltona, Florida 32738
Forward email

Friday, March 14, 2008


Rob Swift - Under The Influence
Code: Raida & DJ The Boy - Tales From The Flip Level 2
Code: Raida & DJ The Boy - Tales From The Flip Level 3
Code: Swift - Who Sampled This?
Code: Raida - Free Smoothie Smooth Part 2
Code: - Revolutions
Code: Roc Raida - Champion Sounds
Code: Swift - Airwave Invasion
Code: Raida - The X-Men
Code: Sinista - Large Professor Mix
Code: - Japan X-Clusive
Code: Boogie Blind - Live At The PJ's Harlem New York

Thursday, March 6, 2008

>Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket ALSO TAKE IN THIS MIXTAPE THAT ALOT OF ONEZ & ONEZ SLEPT ON

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
01: Marvin Gaye Intro
02: Immaculate Spittin'
03: Holy Warz
04: Maccabee Anthem
05: Trust Factor (feat. Bilal & The Last Poets)
06: Black Angels
07: Maccabee Freestyle
08: Nuttin' New
09: 99 Hammers Freestyle
10: Walk U Thru (feat. Hot Flames)
11: Maccabee Ridaz
12: Untouchablez
13: Maccabean Revolt (feat. Daddy Rose & Saulhaudin)
14: Right to Bare Arms (feat. Ambassador & Terra Tory)
15: We Live This
16: Goldmindz (feat. Shabazz the Disciple)
17: Project Doorz
18: Planet to Planet (feat. Ambassador)
19: Watching Me (feat. Heart)
20: Maccabee Freestyle Pt. 2

Herbie Hancock - The Spook Who Sat By The Door OST [1973]

Herbie Hancock - The Spook Who Sat By The Door OST
Label - UAR
Released - 1973
Style - Jazz, Funk, Breaks, Blaxploitation, Weird, Abstract, Soundtrack, Herbie!

This one is really strange. When I copped this, some of the tracks sounded like they were recorded straight off a TV speaker or something. So I put the tracks through some audio processing to even out the levels, and now it sounds much better. Just an FYI if a couple of the tracks sound different... This soundtrack is just too cool not to clean up and share! Some of Herbie's best (and most obscure) work to date, in my opinion. I'm a freak for anything Herbie or Miles from the '69 to '78 period, so I couldn't pass this up. Hopefully others agree...

(from Dusty Groove):
A legendary soundtrack by the great Herbie Hancock -- super-rare, and super-dope, and super-funky! The film itself is a really righteous tale about a disenchanted Vietnam vet who infiltrates the CIA, learns its tricks, and uses them to start the coming revolution -- and Herbie's score for the film is every bit as bold and powerful as the movie itself! The music's got loads and loads of heavy keyboards -- sometimes distorted and noisy, as on some of Herbie's own work of the time -- sometimes smooth and sweet, with a tasty Fender Rhodes sound -- but always tight, jazzy, and funky! The soundtrack does a good job of including background noises, sound effects, and snippets of dialogue from the film -- and there's also a few mysterious bonus bits, which seem to come from other sources, but which fit in well with the sound of the overall album! The whole thing makes for an ultra-cool listening experience that's served up in a number of dimensions -- and titles include "The Big Rip Off", "Revenge", "At The Lounge", "Training Day", "The Stick Up", and "It Begins".

*tracklisting is a bit weird, so bear with me...

Track Listing:
1. Revolution
Herbie Hancock
2. The Spook Who Sat By The Door (Reprise)
Herbie Hancock
3. Revenge
Herbie Hancock
4. At The Lounge
Herbie Hancock
5. Training Day
Herbie Hancock
6. The Stick Up
Herbie Hancock
7. Main Theme
Herbie Hancock
8. Underground
Herbie Hancock
9. The Spook Who Sat By The Door
Herbie Hancock
10. The Big Rip Off
Herbie Hancock
11. Recruiting
Herbie Hancock
12. The Pick Up
Herbie Hancock
13. It Begins
Herbie Hancock
13b?. The Plan, CIA Spook, Best of the Best, Step Outside, Junkie, Man & Machine, Bad Move, I'm Black, Network
Dialogue from the Movie


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

fellow X Ecutioner Mista Sinista comes correct with a solid new mix CD. Sinista shows his world class deck credentials rapid fire style over a massive selection of up to date tracks from heads like The Beatnuts, DJ Krush, Talib Kweli, Kool G Rap and many more. Also included are unreleased tracks from the X Ecutioners archives which Sinista proceeds to destroy at high speed. The cuts are faultless as is the seamless mixing. An essential mis for East Coast heads.

here is DJ Sinista's 'Street Credit' mixtape

side A

side B

Saturday, March 1, 2008

DJ PREMIER SALUTES JAMES BROWN (THE FOUNDATION OF HIP HOP)CD 101. DJ Premier - Honoring James Brown02. Apollo Intro (NYC 1962)03. The Boss04. Funky Drummer05. Talkin Loud Sayin Nothin06. Blind Man Can See It07. Soul Power08. Mother Popcorn09. Say It Loud (I'm Black And I'm Proud)10. Take Some Leave Some11. Super Bad12. There Was A Time13. King Heroin14. Unwind Yourself (Marva Whitney)15. Same Beat feat. The JB's16. Put It On The Line feat. Lyn Collins17. The Grunt feat. The JB's18. Blow Your Head19. I Got The Feelin'20. There It Is21. There It Is (Live)22. Pass The Peas feat. The JB's23. Blue & Pants24. I Know U Got Soul feat. Bobby Byrd25. Make It Funky26. Papa Don't Take No Mess27. I Feel Good28. Problems29. Turn On The Heat (And Build Some Fire)30. Ain't It Funky Now31. If You Don't Work, You Don't Eat32. Get Up Into It Get Involved)CD 201. Superlover Cee & Cassanova Rudd - Do The James02. NWA - Fuck The Police03. Da Lench Mob - You & Your Heroes04. Big Daddy Kane - Raw05. Eric B & Rakim - I Ain't No Joke06. Eric B & Rakim - I Know You Got Soul07. Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - It's A Demo08. Kid Capri - The Apollo09. Big Daddy Kane - Set It Off10. The D.O.C. - It's Funky Enough11. Run DMC & Jam Master Jay - Beats To Rhyme12. Big Daddy Kane - Somethin' Funky13. Lord Finesse - Baby You Nasty14. Ultramagnetic MC's - Give The Drummer Some15. EPMD - Big Payback16. LL Cool J - Kanday17. Stetsasonic - Sally18. Kool Moe Dee - How Ya Like Me Now19. Brand Nubian - All For One20. Brand Nubian - Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down21. Craig G - Droppin' Science22. Public Enemy - Rebel Without A Cause23. Public Enemy - Terminator X To The Edge Of Panic24. Jungle Brothers - J. Beez Commin Thru25. Stetsasonic - Go Stetsa II26. Gang Starr - What You Want This Time?27. Biz Markie - Vapors28. Afrika Bambaataa & James Brown - Unity29. Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - Poison30. Notorious B.I.G. - Dreams31. KRS One - Sound Of The Police32. 45 King - 900 NumberDownload DJ Premier

VINROC - RECON-STRUCTION01. Difficult Steps02. I Think I Got It Made03. Reminisced Out04. Brand Nu Beatdown05. Dapsychochild Rocka06. So Watcha Yo07. Daleaderssabbcoaster08. Let The Juice Hit Em09. PE Gets Wicked10. Deep Thinkin11. I Got Cha Props12. Can I Check Da Jazzio13. Gas Sheep14. Salley Got That Secret15. Sumthinlikedaschecka16. The Want Easy StarDownload Vinroc

VINROC - RECON-STRUCTION 201. Back In Da Dayz Intro02. Passin Me By03. People Everyday04. Wrong Side Of The Tracks05. Distortion To Static06. Ressurection07. Stress (Remix)08. I Gotta Have It09. Rock Dis Funky Joint10. Why Is That11. My Philosophy12. Mad Izm13. How Many Blunts14. Hip Hop Drunkies15. Excursions16. Oh My God17. Award Tour18. Breakadawn19. Pass Da Peas20. Ring Ring Hey21. Let Em Know22. That's When Ya Lost23. 93 Til Infinity24. Rakin In The Dough25. Fakin The Funk26. Lookin At The Front Door27. Live At The Barbque28. Blue Cheese29. One To Grow On30. Walk Into The SunDownload Vinroc

EPMD - HANDLE YOUR BUSINESS (SPECIAL EDITION MIXTAPE)01. Rampage02. I'm Mad (Remix)03. Big Payback04. So Wat Cha Sayin05. Gold Digger06. Scratch Bring It Back07. It's My Thing08. You Gots To Chill09. You Gots To Chill (Remix)10. You're A Customer11. Please Listen To My Demo12. Chill13. Hardcore14. Knick Knack Patty Wack15. Let The Funk Flow16. Get Off The Bandwagon17. Jane18. Hummin Comin At Ya19. Strictly Business20. Never Seen before21. Funky Piano22. Funky Piano Breakdown23. Symphony 200024. Richter Scale25. Rampage (Studio Session)
Download EPMD

DJ BABU - IN CASE YOU HAVEN'T HEARD01. Intro02. Bumrush Brothers - Gold Chain Music (Remix) feat. Planet Asia & Evidence03. Various Instrumental Clips04. Dilated Peoples - Live From Acid Control feat. Planet Asia, Krondon, Phil Da Agony & J505. Rakaa Iriscience - Pay Attention06. Various Voicemail Messages07. Defari Freestyle08. Dilated Peoples - Bullet Train09. Defari - Keep Doing It10. OutroDownload DJ Babu

DJ Babu
DJ BABU - DUCK SEASON VOL. 101. Duck Season Intro02. Watch Out - De La Soul feat. Jose Hernandez03. Kronkite - The Creators feat. Phil Da Agony04. Duck Season - The Beatnuts feat. Al Tariq05. Concrete Nigga - Major06. Patch Up The Pieces - DJ Muro feat. Freddie Foxxx07. Follow Instructions - MOP08. Cake - Pete Rock feat. The U.N.09. Sight For Sore Eyes - Kankick feat. The Visionaries10. Stand Clear - Baby Blak feat. Crushall11. Behold My Life - Defari12. Microphone Mathematics (Remix) - Quasimoto13. Center Of Attention - Dilated Peoples, Souls Of Mischief & Pep Love14. Gold Chain Music - Bumrush Bros. feat. Planet Asia15. The Man/The Icon - Big Daddy Kane16. Ducky Boy - Jurassic 5Download DJ Babu