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Sun Ra, providing extended accounts of his teachings and cosmology

These conversations are among the most important relics of Sun Ra, providing extended accounts of his teachings and cosmology.

Interviews & Conversations

Henry Dumas - The Ark and the Ankh, 1966

Francis Davis at the Sun Ra house, Philadelphia 1990

This interview, lasting over 2 hours, provided me with the deepest insight yet. Ra breaks down language in explaining his philosophy, gives accounts of alien experience, and denies his existence as Man. This artifact has been made available by the Slought foundation. I have chosen to link to their site rather than the M4A files, as the non-profit organization provides the opportunity to donate.

Sun Ra Speaking at 1971 Rehearsal

Sun Ra talks to his band about electronic music and music technology, but explicitly relates the musical condition to the racial condition. He talks about microtones, but how they only teach "white students in the Midwest" and then charge over $20 for an LP. Also makes a reference to how scientists had house-shaking bass before they went to the moon...perhaps a reference to how Sun Ra powers his interplanetary vessel?


BBC Documentary - Songs from Saturn

A 4-part audio documentary by the BBC's Radio 3 on Sun Ra. An exceptional job, with clips from Sun Ra himself, musicians who learned under and were inspired by Sun Ra, music critics and jazz biographers.

part 1 and part 2

Dark Matter Harps

Afro Harping
Dorothy Ashby

Soul Vibrations
Action Life
Lonely Girl
Life Has Its Trials
Little Sunflower
Theme From Valley Of The Dolls
Come Live With Me
The Look Of Love

Spaced Out

Space Is The Place
Sun Ra

1. Space Is The Place
2. Images
3. Discipline
4. Sea Of Sounds
5. Rocket Number Nine


Ghetto: Misfortune's Wealth
24-Carat Black

Synopsis One: In the Ghetto/God Save the World
Poverty's Paradise
Synopsis Two: Mother's Day
Mother's Day
Food Stamps
Ghetto: Misfortune's Wealth
24 Carat Black Theme

Str8 From out da Crates of D.I.T.C.

Rare Breaks : Stack One

No Tracklist

Rare Breaks : Stack Two

No Tracklist

staHHr, John Robinson, and Homeboy Sandman free$tyle with Wesleyan students

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Scott Down and DJ Cutler: Ultimate Breaks And Beatles

This right here is a journey, no joke. The genre tag on the mp3s says ‘adventure’, and that’s actually a pretty apt description. Over the course of 25 tracks Scott Down and DJ Cutler mash together a slew of Beatles originals, Beatles covers (mainly of the soul and funk variety), rap songs sampling these covers, a handful of classic breaks, and some occasional Beatlemania jetsam just for the hell of it. They do this so well that in its relatively short running time the mix manages to give the listener a whole new appreciation for the legacy left by the four limey muppets. I won’t attempt to go into further detail as the mix contains some very complex and often mind blowing song manipulation. I’ll just give you a few sequential tracks (start at Track 10) as a brief taste of what’s in store.

DOWNLOAD: Scott Down and DJ Cutler: Ultimate Breaks And Beatles

Discovered on the venerable Soul Sides blog.

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Sun Ra Brother From Another Planet

Acclaimed Documentary on this Visionary Musician

A wonderful BBC documentary, 58 minutes long, on the amazing, indescribable jazz artist Sun Ra. Without Sun Ra--would Parliament-Funkadelic ever have existed? Would psychedelic lightshows have been invented? Would there be Afro-Futurism? Check it out!

And: watch this live Sun Ra performance on "Saturday Night Live," 1978. A weirder and more visionary musical act probably has never appeared, before or since, on the show.

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Soul Brother #1 Tribute mix plus interview

This mixtape came out of neccessity – I was wanting to hear an all Pete Rock mix but couldn’t get one so I had to do one myself. This is a 90 minute blast through some of my favourite Soul Brother #1 productions and remixes. I was tempted to throw in a lot of breaks but decided against it although a couple still made their way in.

Is there any classic PR that you think I’ve left off? Let me know in the comments…


UPDATE: You can download the entire interview from the Noisemakers event here (originally seen on Pipomixes):
Download Noisemakers with Pete Rock interview


“For Pete’s Sake” Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth
“Blue Funk” Heavy D & The Boyz
“Mecca & The Soul Brother” Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth
“Down With The King” Run DMC
“Slow Down” (Remix) Brand Nubian
“Letterman” (Remix) K-Solo
“Jump Around” (Remix) House Of Pain
“Iz U Wit Me” Da Youngstaz
“Hip Hop Hooray” (Remix) Naughty By Nature
“Pass Da Mic” (Remix) Da Youngstaz
“You Can’t Stop The Prophet” (Remix) Jeru The Damaja
“Dont Curse” Heavy D & The Boyz feat. Pete Rock & Friends
“Rampage” (Remix) EPMD & L.L. Cool J.
“The Creator” (Surfboard Mix) Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth
“Go C.L.” Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth
“The Interludes” Interlude
“We Roll” Pete Rock feat. Jim Jones & Max B
“Lots Of Lovin” (Remix) Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth
“The World Is Yours” Nas
“Fakin Jax” INI
“Fakin’ Jax” (Rude Youth Remix) INI
“When I’m Flowin” Rakim
“Shut ‘Em Down” (Remix) Public Enemy
“The Rap World” Pete Rock & Large Professor
“All I Know” Rahzel
“The Saga Begins” Rakim
“Give It To Y’all” Pete Rock
“Worldwide” Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth feat. Grap Luva
“Skinz” Pete Rock & CL Smooth feat. Grand Puba
“Juicy” (Remix) The Notorious B.I.G.
“One In A Million” Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth
“Half Man Half Amazin” Pete Rock & Method Man
“One DJ, One MC” Pete Rock & Skillz
“They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)” Vibes Mix – Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth
“Revenge”(Main Mix) Grap Luva
“Family Affair” (Remix) Mary J Blige & C.L. Smooth
“C.L. Strikes Again”….From Marley Marl’s In Control August 1989




To celebrate the official album release of Freedom II, Cymarshall Law and Skit Slam (better known as Everliven Sound) unveil the music video for the album's lead single "Get Up, Stand Up (Survivalist)." The album is now available on Amazon and iTunes.




  1. Get Up Stand Up (Survivalist)
  2. Christening
  3. Elements (feat. El Da Sensei)
  4. Waiting Too Long
  5. Hook Them
  6. Walk Away
  7. Crack & The Electric Chair (feat. Hakim Green)
  8. All Right All Real
  9. Days of Faster
  10. Come Correct
  11. Holes in they Shoes (feat. C Rayz Walz)
  12. Ms. Liquor Spliff
  13. Sun, Moon & Stars (feat. Stahhr)
  14. Follow My Lead
  15. Can You Relate (feat. John Robinson)
  16. Don't Believe
  17. Dumbflows
  18. Know No

About the Album

Freedom II is the new album by group Everliven Sound consisting of Jamaican-rooted, UK-raised brothers Cymarshall Law (New Jersey) and Skit Slam (UK), coming to us at the exact time its needed to bring balance to the force known as Hip-Hop. Freedom II carries a vibe similar to their last album, Freedom (Freedom Entertainment, 2008), which was released to outstanding reviews across the globe. Both projects are overflowing with the same essential and rare musical quality – substance.

Songs “Get Up, Stand Up (Survivalist)” (mentioned above), “Days of Faster”, “Elements” (feat. El Da Sensei) and “Know No” stand out amongst Freedom II’s 18 consistent tracks marked by good ole’ raw, original boom-bap hip-hop. The lyrical talent, immaculate wordplay and clever topics from the MC’s ensure they continue to compete with the best in their field. Entirely produced by The Beatnikz, described as Sweden’s finest, this beat team stays true to their own original production style – a sound that is fresh and forward, but still very accessible.

Artist Highlights

  • Everliven Sound’s premier album Freedom (Freedom Entertainment, 2008) was embraced domestically and overseas, and featured the talent of Pace won, Wordsworth, Mary-Lou and Ty-chee.
  • Cymarshall Law and Skit Slam have independently released and appeared on several successful projects and have toured internationally dozens of times in the last decade. Single “Ghosts of Hip Hop” from Cymarshall Law’s most recent project, Creator’s Kid EP, received an indie spotlight feature and a placement of #4 on iTunes Top Indie Tracks Chart.
  • The Beatniks are one of the most well known production teams out of Norrkoping, Sweden, consisting of Lil Jay and Frank Blank.

More Information

Album Singles

"Elements" (feat El Da Sensei) Download:
"Crack & The Electric Chair" (feat Hakim Green) Download:
"Get Up, Stand Up (Survivalist)" Download:

Buy Links



Hip hop samples mix

a run through a bunch of funk, soul, jazz and whatever breaks. Not like it really matters anymore but these are all original pressing vinyl records blah blah blah: no compilation, no bootleg, no mp3…

HudsonBreaks Side 1

HudsonBreaks Side 2

On-Point Roy Ayers Tribute + Interview

Roy Ayers is coming to town! Next week that is. With that, it seemed like the time was right to dig up this three year old recording of a talk I had with the man when he was in Ghent.

“It’s Digital! Euhm, I mean, it’s Analog! It’s analog!”

An On-Point Roy Ayers Tribute and Interview - dj SNS - Alex Deforce

Dj SNS – also known as one of The Bad Mothas who’s live on stage with JtotheC these days – put the mix together, for you and yours. A 30-minute walk through Roy’s discography, and through the man’s mind. Talking about his moves in the music business, the rise and shine of Silvia Striplin, his own label Uno Melodic, his view on sneaker culture, his wife, etc. etc. Right click to download, and enjoy:

An On-Point Roy Ayers Tribute + Interview
(also download and print the cd-cover)


Roy Ayers – Fire Weaver
Roy Ayers – Rhythms Of Your Mind
Roy Ayers – The Boogie Back
Roy Ayers – Feel Like Making Love
Roy Ayers – Searching
RAMP – Come Into Knowledge
Silvia Striplin – You Can’t Turn Me Away
Silvia Striplin – Give Me Your Love
Roy Ayers – Love Will Bring Us Back Together
Roy Ayers – Brother Green (The Disco King)
Roy Ayers & Wayne Henderson – Ooh Baby
RAMP – Everybody Loves The Sunshine
Ethel Beatty – I Know You Care
Ladies Of The Eighties – Ladies Of The Eighties
Roy Ayers – Hey Uh – What You Say Come on
Roy Ayers – We Live In Brooklyn Baby
Roy Ayers – Sensitize
Roy Ayers – The Third Eye
Justo Almario – Interlude

Mix: dj SNS
Artwork: Jazz Neversleeps
Interview: Alex Deforce

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Kil Ripkin - Not You

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Kil Ripkin Bio

Hip Hop is a culture that was created by and for the people, and when it comes to exhibiting that love and passion for the art, nobody displays it like Kil Ripkin the Genereal, AKA The Ghetto Correspondent. Growing up in the Coney Island section of Brooklyn N.Y., Kil set out on his journey to be the next big thing in Hip Hop. Kil began as a solo artist quietly establishing his name as some one to be wreckon with, earning the respect of his peers alike. Kil began producing his own music working under the tutelage of his big Bro., songwriter, producer and engineer Don Newkirk (Smoking Heads). Kil also sharpend his skills working with long time engineer Filthy Rich (Yosumi Entertainment). Quickly Establishing himself as a up in coming producer going under the name of (Storm) thru out the five boroughs, Kil hooked up with Mighty Real and Rebel X. They formed the rap alliance called the "Supreme Forces" who featured the likes of Space, Telepathic and the Young Veteran Torae. Working on a Rebel X solo project, Kil and Reb decided to form the New York underground group "The F.E.D.S". The two were a deadly combo releasing several underground hits including the single released on Step In Deep Productions, titled "Drama" featuring Rasheeda. Kil has put in work with several other artist and groups like, I.G.T formerly of loud records, Get Doe Entertainment, Stix (Horror City), Kings Kounty Records, The Plague, and several compilation albums most notably "Game Over" released on Yosumi Records. Credits also include co writing and producing songs on 40 Acres, "Get on The Bus" and "Crooklyn" soundtracks, and most of the production on Torae's "Coney Island Finest" mix tape. After years of producing for several artist and the split of the FEDS, Rip turned his focus back to his solo career and started working on the revolutionary banger "Black Power Black Love" The Buz CD, with production from Kil,Don Newkirk and Valentine of I.G.T. The album became the theme music for the revolutionary Uhuru Movement that was taking place in Brooklyn, and Kil's passion grew even more to get his message across. Kil's stage prowess filled many venues throughout the New York area which made his shows the place to be. Off the success of Black Power Black Love, Kil and his Coney Island brethren Torae continued to Groom there work together and with the help of then manager (Squirrel) Attic Entertainment, they linked up with up and coming DJ Vega Bennenton and his partner Wally Suede and together they formed the Hip Hop Super Group The Coalescence. They released the underground hit "Promises" and the group was nominated for two underground music awards including song of the year. The Co. will be back in the lab soon but until then expect a lot of heat from the Genereal starting with the "Balancing Act" produced by Mikal Evans (Deep Rooted) Raticus and Eric G. The Music is soulful, truthful, spiritual and rebellious. Surely after one listen to Kil Ripkin you will realize very quickly what Hip Hop truly sounds like.

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Eccentric Soul- The Prix Label

focusing on The Prix Label from Columbus, OH. Read Pitchfork's review.


01. Eddie Ray - Wait A Minute
02. OFS Unlimited - Mystic
03. Mitch Mitchell/Gene King - Never Walk Out On You
04. Joe King - Speak On Up
05. Royal Esquires - Ain't Gonna Run
06. Eddie Ray - You Got Me
07. Chip Willis & Double Exposre - I'm Gonna Gitcha
08. Mitch Mitchell - Can't Get A Nuff
09. Soul Ensemble - Melon Jelly
10. Eddie Ray - Glad I Found You
11. Marion Black - Listen Black Brother
12. Royal Esquires - Our Love Used To Be
13. OFS Unlimited - Mister Kidneys
14. Marion Black - Come On And Gettit
15. Joe King - You're My Everything
16. Harmonic Sounds Band - Untitled Studio Moves
17. Eddie Ray - You Got Me (Demo)
18. Penny & the Quarters - You And Me
19. Eddie Ray - You Are Mine

Eccentric Soul 15

Mitch Mitchell & Gene King Never Walk Out On You Prix

The Great Migration (Original Samples)

Tracklist :

01. Brothers Of Soul - Hurry, Don't Linger (Bronze Nazareth - The Pain)
02. Bobby Bland - Deep In My Soul (Bronze Nazareth - More Than Gold)
03. Ollie The Nightingales - I Got A Sure Thing (Bronze Nazareth - Bronzeman)
04. The Shadow Of Your Smile (Bronze Nazareth - One Plan)
05. Curtis Mayfield - I Loved and I Lost (Bronze Nazareth - Instrumental Interlude)
06. David McCallum - The Edge (Bronze Nazareth - The Morning)
07. Bobby Bland - Ask Me About Nothin', But The Blues (Bronze Nazareth - Hear What I Say)
08. Bobby Bland - Dear Bobby, The Note (Bronze Nazareth - Black Royalty)
09. Love Unlimited - I Love You So Never Gonna Let You Go (Bronze Nazareth - Detroit)
10. The Animals - House of the Rising Sun (Bronze Nazareth - S aka Cash Rules)
11. King Floyd - Don't Leave Me Lonely (Bronze Nazareth - Poem Burial Ground)
12. Toussaint McCall - ill Do You It For (Bronze Nazareth - The Great Migration)
13. Earls - I Who Have Nothing (Bronze Nazareth - Bronze Halls Outro)

+ Bonus (Bronze Nazareth & Wisemen)

The Dramatics vs The Dells - Door To Your Heart (Bronze Nazareth - Kevorkian)
The Supremes - Remove This Doubt ( Bronze Nazareth - 4 Strokes Of Bronze Fist)
Al Green - Simply Beautiful (Bronze Nazareth - Calm Sword)
Syl Johnson - I Hate I Walked Away (Bronze Nazareth - Blowgun)
Linda Jones - Let It Be Me (Bronze Nazareth - Waters Of Nazareth)
21st Century - Remember The Rain (Bronze Nazareth - Sinuhe's Impasse)
Love Unlimited - Share A Little Love In Your Heart (Wisemen - Introducing, No Metter How)
Candi Staton - I'm Gonna Hold On To What I Got This Time (Wisemen - Blinded)
Barbara Mason - From His Woman To You (Wisemen - Honor's Promise)
O.V Wright - Into Something (Can't Shake Loose) (Wisemen - Wisemen Approaching)
Margie Joseph - How Will I Know (Wisemen - Nothing To Hide)

"A Day in the Life of " Killah Priest

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The Ode To Illmatic tape

Fashawn comes through and drops his tribute to Nas’ Illmatic through XXL. Hosted by DJ Green Lantern, this tape should be one to download. Props to DJ Qvali for winning last week’s contest and getting his beat on here as a bonus track!


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The Hypnotic Brass

The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble (HBE), a band comprised of eight brothers, all sons of Sun Ra trumpeter and songwriter Phil Cohran, have been playing since they were three years of age and have inherited a lineage deeper than most bands will ever attain. Raised on the south side of Chicago, their musical heritage is rooted in their genes. They have brothers and sisters that are professional musicians, their mothers are singers and their father, Phil Cohran, a legendary visionary and teacher has music experiences from the 1940s in St. Louis to his seminal role with Sun Ra in Chicago in the 1950s.

Watch the documentary:

As Sun Ra moved to the east coast in 1960, Cohran stayed behind in Chicago to be with his family. As his children grew, Cohran worked as a musical activist and educator, which led to the establishment of the Sun Ark in a warehouse behind their family home. At night while the children slept, they would hear their father rehearsing with his band the 'Circle of Sound.' At six in the morning, they were awoken to practice music for several hours before going to school. From an early age they were a central part of their father's Youth Ensemble. At night they listened to NWA and Public Enemy, and Ice Cube and Eazy-E were their heroes.

Hypnotic Underground from moriza on Vimeo.

By the end of the nineties, with everyone out of school, they concentrated on their music full time. With a mix of their jazz roots and their hip-hop sensibility, they made a living for themselves on the streets of Chicago. While performing on a subway platform, they stumbled upon their name when a man who watched them for hours, missing train after train, proclaimed that he has been "hypnotized" by their music. With their composer skills aiding them to create a sound wholly their own, the group moved to New York City where they played with Mos Def and Erykah Badu.