Monday, June 28, 2010

Sun Ra, providing extended accounts of his teachings and cosmology

These conversations are among the most important relics of Sun Ra, providing extended accounts of his teachings and cosmology.

Interviews & Conversations

Henry Dumas - The Ark and the Ankh, 1966

Francis Davis at the Sun Ra house, Philadelphia 1990

This interview, lasting over 2 hours, provided me with the deepest insight yet. Ra breaks down language in explaining his philosophy, gives accounts of alien experience, and denies his existence as Man. This artifact has been made available by the Slought foundation. I have chosen to link to their site rather than the M4A files, as the non-profit organization provides the opportunity to donate.

Sun Ra Speaking at 1971 Rehearsal

Sun Ra talks to his band about electronic music and music technology, but explicitly relates the musical condition to the racial condition. He talks about microtones, but how they only teach "white students in the Midwest" and then charge over $20 for an LP. Also makes a reference to how scientists had house-shaking bass before they went to the moon...perhaps a reference to how Sun Ra powers his interplanetary vessel?


BBC Documentary - Songs from Saturn

A 4-part audio documentary by the BBC's Radio 3 on Sun Ra. An exceptional job, with clips from Sun Ra himself, musicians who learned under and were inspired by Sun Ra, music critics and jazz biographers.

part 1 and part 2

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