Tuesday, June 22, 2010

On-Point Roy Ayers Tribute + Interview

Roy Ayers is coming to town! Next week that is. With that, it seemed like the time was right to dig up this three year old recording of a talk I had with the man when he was in Ghent.

“It’s Digital! Euhm, I mean, it’s Analog! It’s analog!”

An On-Point Roy Ayers Tribute and Interview - dj SNS - Alex Deforce

Dj SNS – also known as one of The Bad Mothas who’s live on stage with JtotheC these days – put the mix together, for you and yours. A 30-minute walk through Roy’s discography, and through the man’s mind. Talking about his moves in the music business, the rise and shine of Silvia Striplin, his own label Uno Melodic, his view on sneaker culture, his wife, etc. etc. Right click to download, and enjoy:

An On-Point Roy Ayers Tribute + Interview
(also download and print the cd-cover)


Roy Ayers – Fire Weaver
Roy Ayers – Rhythms Of Your Mind
Roy Ayers – The Boogie Back
Roy Ayers – Feel Like Making Love
Roy Ayers – Searching
RAMP – Come Into Knowledge
Silvia Striplin – You Can’t Turn Me Away
Silvia Striplin – Give Me Your Love
Roy Ayers – Love Will Bring Us Back Together
Roy Ayers – Brother Green (The Disco King)
Roy Ayers & Wayne Henderson – Ooh Baby
RAMP – Everybody Loves The Sunshine
Ethel Beatty – I Know You Care
Ladies Of The Eighties – Ladies Of The Eighties
Roy Ayers – Hey Uh – What You Say Come on
Roy Ayers – We Live In Brooklyn Baby
Roy Ayers – Sensitize
Roy Ayers – The Third Eye
Justo Almario – Interlude

Mix: dj SNS
Artwork: Jazz Neversleeps
Interview: Alex Deforce


Anonymous said...

Artwork looks nice.... I mean nice font. All the rest has been stolen from: http://www.mat-design.com

Well done guys!!


So who are u saying stole whut are you Roy ? This mix and interview was given to me by the source