Saturday, February 5, 2011

The father of hip hop Clive Campbell also known as DJ kool Herc (55) is in the hospital with a bad health condition

Hip Hop founder and certified legend DJ Kool Herc has recently been hospitalized and needs some assistance to get through this medical emergency. DJ Premier stated on his radio show that Herc does not have health insurance and will require surgery that he cannot pay for as of now. I know this is the age where few even pay for music, but it’s time to step up & help out the Father Of Hip Hop. Premo will be setting up a Paypal account soon for donations but you can send them to the following address:

Kool Herc Production
P.O. Box 20472
Huntington Station, NY 11746

If you’re in the NYC area, Tony Touch will also be taking donations on Tuesday at the Sutra. Hopefully some of these hip hop millionaires will contribute as well.

UPDATE: Here is the email of Herc’s sister, this is where you should send your paypal donations –

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