Monday, September 12, 2011

KILLAH PRIEST - Killah Tacticz Vol.3 (Cuban-Linx Presents) (2011)

01. August 21st (Intro)
02. Good Day to Die (ft. Raw Doggz & Block McCloud)
03. Dead Convo
04. The Book of Shadows (ft. Aslan)
05. Fake Mc's (ft. Hell Razah) (RWC Blend)
06. Tonight We Ride
07. A New Day (Freestyle)
08. Listen To Me
09. Edge Of The Night (ft. Purpose)
10. One Step (ft. Hell Razah, Tekitha & M.Romeo) (Shroomz Blend)
11. Places Where Pharoahs Go (Interlude)
12. Heavy Mental (RWC Blend)
13. Crusades (ft. Tekitha) (Extended 4th Disciple Version)
14. Tai Chi (ft. ATMA) (RWC Blend)
15. Pray For Me (ft. Michael Jackson) (Shroomz Blend)
16. Vintage (RWC Verse Blend)
17. The Comin' (ft. Marvin Gaye) (Freestyle)
18. The Offering (ft. Hell Razah) (RWC Blend)
19. The PWOWR Of Promise (ft. Vendetta Kingz) (Shroomz Blend)
20. Final Hour / Awaiting Hour (ft. G-Ciples, Canibus & Ill Bill)
21. Day Of The Prophets
22. End Of The World (ft. Maccabeez & Phaze One)
23. Dark Evening In Hells Pool (ft. Rasul Allah)
24. Stained Glass #6 (Freestyle)
25. PWOWR Snippets
Thanks To Supashroomz & Cuban-Linx

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