Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Boris Gardiner Happening - Every Nigger Is A Star OST (1973)

Track 1 - Every Nigger Is A Star
Track 2 - You Just Got Be In Love
Track 3 - Rough & Tough In The Ghetto
Track 4 - Ghetto Funk
Track 5 - Home Again
Track 6 - Funky Nigger
Track 7 - Deadly Sting
Track 8 - Rats In The Ghetto
Track 9 - Every Nigger Is A Star (Reprise)
Track 10 - Negril

even rarer one. And perhaps in need of the most explanation since the film, starring Blaxplo-smoochie Calvin Lockhart of west-indian heritage, is hardly to be seen in the Imdb. There's an interview about the making of the soundtrack in the Jamaica Gleaner w. Boris Gardiner HERE. This movie is supposed to try and turn the word Nigger on its head for the black population of Jamaica in the '70s, much like the ghetto Youths of today like to Use the word Ma' Nigga affectionally. Needless to say the film flopped and sank into obscurity (perhaps for good reasons). The only trace I've seen of it is this poster on e-bay: 

The title and the circumstances are truly grim, but this OST's appearance on here is IMHO a call for celebration. It's underservedly remained unissued in complete form. The tracks Ghetto Funk and Negril have appeared on a comp or two and the singles from the LP have been known to circulate among collectors, hence my requests in the column. But this!! The sound quality is very good considering the source and DAMN! Boris Gardiner knows how to git down, there are soulful vocals and rumbling reggae basslines, gut bucket blues and ripping organwork as always. Savour this gem. 

The first few tracks are straight up soul which is then followed by the glorious organ grooves of "Ghetto Funk" 

Boris went on to record a UK Number 1 single in 1986 with "I Want To Wake Up With You".

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