Friday, February 22, 2008

Beat Junkie Sound System

Reggae mix
I always like to hear a good reggae mix, and here is one from one of the illest turntablists of Beat Junkie and Skratch Pikl fame. Shortkut's mixes have always gotten a lot of play from me, dude really has a talent with the cuts, mixes, and blends. You can have the illest record collection, know about every dope record made from the 60's on, but as a DJ, if your cuts and blends aren't up to par, your mixes are lacking. The first mix I heard from Shortkut was a tape called 'Rekonstructed Elements', which was a mix of samples mixed to form the beats they were used for(anyone out there who has a rip of that let me know because I have a shitty dub on cassette). Another mix worth mentioning is a mix called 'So Much Soul' that he did along with Vinroc, which consisted of R&B and hip hop. I'm sure he has other mixes but these are the ones I know of. Anyway, Enjoy..

Tracklisting:1. "Rockfort Rock"- Sound Dimension 2. "Dubbing With The Observer"- The Observers 3. "Jah Jah Dub"- The Aggrovators 4. "Big Rip Off"- Augustus Pablo 5. "Draw Your Brakes"- Scotty 6. "Entertainer"- Charlie Chaplin 7. "You Too Greedy"- John Wayne 8. "A Crabbit Version"- The Aggrovators 9. "Laser Beam"- Don Carlos 10. "Nuff Stylee"- Poppa Tollo 11. "Money,Money"- George McKay 12. "I Trim The Barber"- King Tubby and The Aggrovators 13. "Ali Baba"- John Holt 14. "Straight To Jackson's Head"- King Tubby and The Aggrovators 15. "Law of the Land"- Matumbi 16. "Dr. Phibbs"- I Roy 17. "Water Boiling"- Reggae Crusaders 18. "Stop The War Now"- Lloyd Parks 19. "Do it Til Your Satisfied"- Soul Messengers20. "Funky Tang"- Dennis Alcapone21. "Soul Almighty"- Bob Marley & The Wailers22. "East of the River Nile"- Augustus Pablo23. "Na Na, Hey Hey"- The Pioneers 24. "Collie Weed"- Barrington Levy 25. "Police In Helicopter"- John Holt 26. "Sensee Party"- Eek A Mouse 27. "Pass The Tu-shungpeng"- Frankie Paul 28. "Entertainment"- Tristan Palma 29. "Friday Night Jamboree"- Jah Thomas 30. "Another One Bites The Dust"- Clint Eastwood & General Saint 31. "The Right Time"- Neville Brown 32. "King On The Way"- Purpleman 33. "Sun Is Shining"- Bob Marley 34. "Dancehall Connection"- Nicodemus 35. "A Little Way Different"- Errol Dunkley 36. "Here I Come"- Dennis Brown

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