Friday, February 22, 2008

The youngest DJ ever to win the World DMC Championships

DJ A-Trak is the youngest DJ ever to win the World DMC Championships, as well as the first DJ ever to win three major DJ titles (DMC, ITF, and Vestax). A-Trak is also a member of the world famous Invisibl Scratch Pikles, the Allies, and Kanye West's DJ. Dude is nice and has some sick juggles. Here is a rip of DJ A-Trak performing live on the Halftime radio show in January of 2004.

A-TRAK VS. DJ Q-BERT - SHOWDOWN01. A-Trak - Round 102. DJ Q-Bert - Round 103. A-Trak - Round 204. DJ Q-Bert - Round 205. A-Trak - Round 306. DJ Q-Bert - Round 307. A-Trak - Round 408. DJ Q-Bert - Round 409. A-Trak - Round 510. DJ Q-Bert - Round 5Download A-Trak Vs. DJ Q-Bert

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