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Exposing the Hebrew Jew How it all started

Asians and europeans spent centuries expelled from the Kemetic kingdom. After expulsion from Kemet one particular faction of semitic aryan-europeans who after expulsion from Kemet relocated in and around the sinai peninsula(palestine). This group stands out because it was they who initiated the next war campaign against Kemet. Their schematic plan was first to recruit other foreigners to assist them in the militant overthrow of Kemet. Their strategy was to move by chariot-horse quietly in the south(upper) and then strike the north(lower) viciously and unexpectedly. The plan worked, and the unsuspecting Kemetic kingdom fell into the hands of this barbaric euro-asiatic coalition who were now comprised of semitic-aryan indo europeans. The Kemetic forces classified these euro-asiatic invaders as HYKSOS.

On record, the hyksos occupied Kemet for 233 years (1783-1550bce). In 1550(18th dynasty) Kemetic forces, under the direction of Ahmose I and his youthful son, Amonhotep, defeated the hyksos and once again expelled them from Kemetic soil. What happened next with the expelled hyksos is the actual beginning of judaism. That beginning starts with one particular group of the hyksos coalition. That group is none other than the hyksos organizers, the SEMITIC-ARYAN indo europeans. They congregated in the sinai mountains and formed what turned out to be an extreme diabolical plot. Their initial scheme was to plagiarize all, or as much as possible, "STOLEN" Kemetic symbolism's that spelled out the African's spiritual and MAAT-humanistic connection with NETER(GOD). The FALSE claim to Kemetic knowledge was the ultimate goal.

Re-documentation was fairly easy to formulate for the semitic aryan-hyksos because during their 233 years of occupancy they had collected a large quantity of Kemetic ideology which was written on temple walls, tombs, coffins of the deceased, amulets, etc. Once collected and re-formatted (NAMES and PLACES changed), the semitic aryan hyksos's plan was to promote to their surrounding european-asian neighbors and all other non Africans outside of Kemet the fraud that it was actually their creative mind that formulated the powerful Kemetic thought.

Documented history shows that during the dynastic period, the majority, if not all of Kemet's battles were inside their own home(Kemet). "DEFENDING" and keeping out the invading hyksos coalition, and other non-African groups who were comprised of asians, arabs and europeans. The documented facts prove that Kemet was "NEVER" the slave slave society like that shameful hollywood movie "ten commandments" wanted the world to believe.

First of all, it is eye-witness documented historical fact that from 1783-1550 bce, the semitic aryan-hyksos (israelites) invaded and ruled Kemet. They attributed nothing but "ruled." So if anybody was sold into slavery he was sold to the semitic aryan-hyksos NOT the Kemetic Africans. Also, if the semitic aryan-hyksos were tortured thereafter, they were tortured by their own people.

Eyewitness accounts + Documentation= Proof that Kemet, absolutely, unequivocally was NOT a dictatorship community.


The dynasty following Kamose's (17th dynasty-1605) successful naval attack against Apophis's forces, saw Ahmose I (1550), lead the offensive that ultimately defeated the hyksos. That victory founded Kemet's strongest line of leadership, the powerful 18th dynasty. Joined by his side was his wife Queen Nefertari, their son Amenhotep I. and daughter Ahmaat.

The semitic-aryan-hyksos felt yet another set back when they were defeated and expelled from Jerusalem by Nebuchanezzer's army. That expulsion signaled the formation of Zionism. Unable to regain the land by military force, the hyksos sought out to sell their fraudulent survival story in an all-out effort to gain foreign support in their NEW claim of a Palestinian region of the Sinai peninsula territory that they had NEVER claimed before. Reason being, their ambition was always to re-enter Kemet. The semitic aryan-hyksos (israelites) then, without merit or justification designated the territory that they had previously occupied in the Sinai Peninsula theirs. Re-naming it "Juda" And it was that lie that ultimately laid the foundation for Judaism. From "outside" the territory of Juda, the hyksos classified themselves as "the hebraic tribe of Judah.


Now they (Semitic Aryan Hyksos) were set. A "new" identity: Hebrews/Hebrew Israelites/Jews. Their fraudulent survival story was called "the torah or pentateuch" or 1st five books of the bible: genesis, exodus, leviticus, numbers and deuteronomy. If you define the term "torah" down its "root" meaning, you will find that it is DEFINITE Kemetic originated.

Torah=hebrew-"harah" which carries the root Ya Ra(h)
Kemetic Ya="instruction"/ Kemetic Ra="sun". Therefore Torah actually means: Kemetic instruction from the Sun God. In fact, the biblical term "genesis" means the Genealogy of Isis. The word gene is derived from the root word "gen."Gen: something that produces, born, bring forth. Genesis: origin, foundation, race. Genealogy=gene: cell-point of decent, origin, birth. Logy: science, theory.

The Jews, proclaiming to be "children of God" when the truth is, they are the actual SEMITIC ARYAN-HYKSOS whose lineage, origin, and legacy begins and ends with CRIMINALITY, BARBARISM, and DECEIT.

European and "christianized" African scholars have always proclaimed that the 19th dynasty under Pharaoh Rameses II was responsible for torturing the Jews until they were rescued by so-called "Moses". Of course this 19th dynasty date (1290) does not correspond with the proposed date (1346 or 1220) of Moses's proposed Mt. Sinai trip. But dates formulated to support a fraud never do! This entire story is FICTITIOUS. Nothing more than a fraud perpetuated by the deceitful semitic aryan kyksos. Their reason for constructing this lie was to justify themselves as spiritually superior over the Kemetic Africans with the hopes that their fraudulent claim of "superiority" would win them European and Asian allies that would in turn respect their "religious" proclamations and sympathize with their much travelled social mis-condition.

So called "Moses" (scapegoat representative) never existed!

For two millenniums the European (hyksos) Jews and the white so-called Christians have been desperately trying to sell the world on the lie that it was the semitic aryan hyksos (children of isreal) who were brutally mistreated by Rameses II (1290). When the documented truth explicitly details that during this time period it was actually the white euro-barbarian sea peoples who invaded Kemet with the criminal intent to steal, kill, and plaigiarize, but were defeated and imprisoned by the defense forces of Rameses II. This proves that Rameses II NEVER defended against the hyksos and all the scenes on the walls of the temples are actually depicting Rameses II striking the captured white criminal european invaders NOT the semitic aryan hyksos.

The Rameses III papyri(now stolen and called, the "harris" papyri) which tracks the activity of Rameses III (1199bce) describes how the repeated attacks by the barbaric white-euro invaders added with the internal turmoil caused by the white captives held over prior from the Rameses II capture, was weakening the governmental stability of Kemet. It also mentions that Rameses II captured so many white invading European sea peoples that he had to set up a separate colony for them in Europe.

Kemetic- Hefa was conceptually described as the "mother serpent of the world," or the human cosmic serpent from the egg of creation. The semitic aryan-hyksos restructured the characters to read "havvah" or biblical "Eve.


Kemetic "Quen" means to beat or strike. The semitic aryan-hyksos plagiaristically transformed this into "Qayin" or biblical "Cain.


Kemetic "Nuakh" means nu-water, akh-field. The semitic aryan-hyksos plagiaristically transformed this into "Nuach" or biblical "Noah.


Kemetic "Atem" means first God in the image of man, with the root "tem" meaning complete. The semitic aryan-hyksos plagiaristically transformed this into biblical "Adam.


The 10 commandments are nothing more than a less than half done plagiarist duplication of Kemet's 42 admonition laws or opposites of MAAT. This commandment proclamation is a bare faced lie. During this period (1346) Kemet was at its most powerful and spiritual-MAAT level. From Ahmose I down to Tutankhamon, all of Kemet's 18th dynasty leaders were strong honest spiritual leaders. The inscriptions on their statues, tombs, and or walls of Kemetic temples prove this to be fact. There is no Kemetic record of a "Moses" or a Moses characteristical type person in this time period. If Moses was so controversial, why are there no records or symbols drawn or references made by Kemetic leaders who existed in this time period. No tomb, no temple, no shrine? Why? Because "Moses" never existed! Just another scapegoated fictitious character. Given the proposed time-period, the "Moses" lie was probably fashioned after the real Amenhotep IV (Ahknaton).

by Maaxeru Tep





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