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All which are SLAVE labels of the original inhabitants people of the planet earth. Popularly known as melaninated, original people, Asiatics, properly Moors globally. The Aboriginal Indigenous people of the ENTIRE planet earth, not just 1 out of 7.

If you take the letter “A” and take the line out of the middle of the letter “A”, you would get a figure resembling a pyramid. Now you will know why all the continents start with the letter “A”. Americas (North, Central, South America and the Caribbean islands), Africa (south Asia), Asia (North Asia, including Europe), Australia, Antarctica. All start with “A”, why, because we were everywhere and had pyramids on all of them. Star Gate the show shows you we have pyramids there. Aliens vs Predator shows you we have pyramids there.

What do your oppressors, the pale Shriner and masons whose tassel is tied down to one side knows that you don’t know?

So let’s clean it up, so our DNA can unlock. So we can go back into our true history before our pale children, known as so called Europeans, proper children of Rome, pale nations pale tribes walked the earth, before continents drifts and splits.

Spanish, really mean the people born in Spain and their descendents should not be confused with a language, which is really deriving from Latin.

Latinos, really dealing with those whose descended from those who speak Latin or just basically people who speak Latin. So it’s describing a language of a group of people really.

West Indian, no real such thing. As an intelligent person we should ask where are the North Indians, South Indians and East Indians? Just simple questions. The word Indian comes from a word that means dark in hue, dark pigmentation. When attached to a group of people its “describing” their skin color, pigmentation. We are actually different “shades” of “olive”. The high science and clarity brought to us from our brother Noble Drew Ali.

Look at your eyebrow color in the mirror, then look at your skin hue, and see if you’re black. Think real, Real, REAL hard.

African American, no such thing. We are talking about 3 continents, 4 specific regions of the earth. Africa, the modern name and North, Central, South America and the adjacent islands known as the Caribbean islands. There is no flag for the Caribbean, but there are individual tribal banners so called island flags. In the UN there is no representative for Africa, there are over 50 nations there. There is no difference between Jamaica and Chicago, no difference between Haiti and New Jersey. Why, Jurisdiction and territory possession, or real estate. Look up “Common Wealth”, the old name is British Empire. Did not the so call controversial Vodka Ad that should that our territory was the majority of North America until we were defeated and government became corrupted.

Check out USA vs US on Gogle. com.

and watch the video again: http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=0Oi7JEObPVA

Black, no such person or people. A word that was “adopted”, “attached” to a group of people like the other words which all can be traced back to the 16 and 15 century, the times of war, oppression and imprisoning of the Moors globally. Starting with defeating of the Moors in the east in Spain. Black is also an adjective.

What is an Adjective?

The word Blackamoor is in the dictionary. It is a compound word Black + Moor.

Why is it in the dictionary?

We went from Moor, to Blackamoor to Black.

We have many tribal names, many tribal names. However we had one global Nationality.

What other flag you know on the planet goes back to 10,000 to 50,000 years ago?

That flag is a red flag with a five pointed green star in the middle. Known as old glory, the Masonic story of the chopping down of the cherry tree by George Washington.

Now we can understand why the pyramid with the all Seeing Eye, which is confused with groups of the pale nation and pale tribes who are using it and have adopted it.

Who build mound pyramids and solid material pyramids?

Why are we the only government with two seal?

One represents the pale nations, the pale tribes, children of Rome which is the eagle, which is really a Phoenix.

Who does the Pyramid represent?

In a Black’s law Dictionary, in the front inside cover it starts out by stating “Black’s Law Dictionary – Definitions of the Terms and Phrases of American and English Jurisprudence, Ancient and Modern”.

What do they mean by Ancient?

What do they mean by Ancient in the Law Dictionary?

We have search for truth and ourselves in ancient civilizations, under the water, inside the earth, on walls, caves and in Scriptures even seen our face on Mars. The last place we look for ourselves is in LAW. We have been oppressed so much by it we think it has nothing to do with us.

If most of our people are 3/5 of a man, what is the other 2/5 that is missing?

How can you go from a second class to first class since you can by Law?

How do you go from being a Minor, Minority to Major or a Majority since you can in Law?

Make sure your logic, common sense, knowledge (an accumulation of “facts”) is not overridden by emotions and over 500 years of brainwashing

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