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Understanding How Noble Drew Ali WOKE Us Up

Posted Originally Thursday, May 29, 2008

By Noble Drew Ali ▲ Learn OUR Global Moorish History

About nine decades have passed [1913 A.D. +] since Noble Drew Ali [Sheik Sharif Abdul Ali] officially established and organized a functional and modern social and political forum, conceived and visualized for awakening and activating the "enslaved", nationally - dormant and unconscious descendants of the Ancient Moabites / Moors of North America. This organizational forum was structured to address and span the broad and general areas of the social needs and spiritual concepts corrections. Economic and political development, with instructional rules for harmony and stability was addressed and deemed of paramount concern. Concentric efforts were allotted to "true" spiritual reeducation needs and necessities to remove the presiding polarized mental state existing amongst the natural people. These and other multifaceted efforts, geared toward Moorish-cultural and 'proper-person' reintroduction, were made to uplift the Moorish Nation of North America.

Noble Drew Ali's work, efforts and instructions included knowledge-based directives for enhanced and advanced "functional knowledge" of and in ancient Moabite / Moorish Philology and High Culture disciplines. Prudent and proven government and civilization principles were devoted to the personal growth and advancement; family progress and for general corrective improvements. The Moors were given knowledge of true governmental order and structure, with a call to enforce the Constitution of The United States of America. Conscious Moors are to take an intelligent and active stand and position on National and world issues. Particular emphasis was put upon Moors to be "active" and not passive, and to take our places among the affairs of men! Thus, we see, in these days, the exercising of, and the grooming of, those 'active' natural persons [Moors] who understand and recognize the formerly veiled truths about their unalienable rights and birthrights.

Durative of the Medieval Era, and prior to the openly "forced slavery" and "bound freeman" period in modern North, Central and South American history, the proper noun, Moor / Maure / More / Mauros was factually used and recognized universally [according to dialect and language], when people of African origin identified themselves or related to themselves. Moor was the identity declared when communicating to others. Moors were ancient inhabitants of Asia, Africa, areas of Europe, and throughout the Americas, and Americana.

The ancient and proper name, Moor, Muur, Moroccan, Mauritanian, Moabite, was not just applied in reference to the natural inhabitants of the Moroccan Empire of Northwest Africa / America (The Extreme Western Hemisphere) nor just to the natural and political inhabitants of the Provincial Kingdom of Morocco, Khemet, etc., (The Eastern Hemisphere). The factual 'pedigree' natal name, Moor, was traditionally and customarily used synonymously with the word, African. The contemporary misapplication of the word, "negro" has a connotative function. The ancient origin of Negro refers to the 'Troglodyte Niger', which is a 'black chimpanzee monkey'. Negro is a "chattel" brand name, which was, with disorienting intent, contemporarily applied to Moors for 'straw-man' - corporate adhesion—contracting, and deceptive "nom de guerre" use for the benefit of European colonial slaveholders; the 'corporate State'; and for mental—twisting, and social / political dehumanization advantages.

The Medieval Era is also referred to as the "Middle Age" and deals with the intermediate period between the "ancient" and "modern" time periods. The Medieval Period generally refers to that time period which spans from 500 A.D. to 1500 A.D. Most historians, scholars and writers use the year 1492 A.D. as the designated - axis - year for dividing Ancient History from Modern History. 1492 A.D. is the year when the Moors were defeated in Europe; and signaled the colonizing of, and the venturing into The Moroccan Empire of the West [The Americas; significantly the Northwest].


Chattel is a word, which has been, and is, politically applied to human beings who have been "dehumanized" by the U.S. Demos' artificial - constructs, and acts of forced enslavement. Chattel means 'an article of goods or a thing'; and is specifically applied, in law, to goods movable and or immovable; except such as have the nature of freehold status. Chattel, which is also spelled, catel is really the same word as "cattle". The subtlety of its political use, within the social order, is to make the apparent distinction between a socially and 'politically-neutered' or 'civilly-dead' human being and that of a 'common beast of the field' (Refer to the William Lynch Papers). Negro is, thusly, a favored "sobriquet" coined by the modern-day European slave holders occupying North America, in order to regulate and distinguish "chattel property" from "free Moors"; other free peoples; or free nationals, designated as sovereigns from other free African or Asian national or political States. The word, "negro" is Latin and defines as 'black', meaning 'loss of consciousness' and 'social, moral and civil death'; with much emphasis put upon that mental and social state of 'civil death' and spiritual-death - recognized as a person suffering of a 'broken' spirit.

Conquering and occupying Europeans' artificial creation of the 'corporate - negro - status' laid the illusory groundwork needed for the colorable erection and construction of the 'false jurisdictions' and 'straw-man-constructs' used to support their fictional claims of authority, legality and law. These 'colorable' social / political fictions and jurisdictions were invented for veiling bureaucratized forced servitude and to carry out birthrights –theft against the Aboriginal and Indigenous Moors. Thus, these false corporate jurisdictions are the institutionalized origins for functionally applying "color-codes", "color-of-law" and the fictionally justified term, "colored people". The 'negro status', in its social nature and profits-generating effects, involves activation of the firmly held and undignified "Black Code Systems" - deemed toward the political separation of such neuter-classified beings from the illustrious and high cultural knowledge of civilization, and away from affecting the authority-operative governing affairs of "self" or that of the human family. Lacking an authentic knowledge of the sortilege use the 'negro-legal-fiction', denies one a clear understanding of true Law; of History; and of the High Culture, which gives stability and supports to Human progress and Western social and political developments.

Editorials of Statements Made by Noble Drew Ali

Noble Drew Ali brought the names and the nationality back to the Moors of North America. The Forefathers of the Moors had a name and a nationality, but in order to separate the Moors from the achievements of their fathers, a name was given them which had no connection whatever with the founders of civilization. Conscious Moors have a proof now that they are not negro, black, colored or Ethiopian, because these names were given to slaves by slaveholders in 1779 and lasted until 1865 during the time of slavery. In the deliberations of nations no consideration is given to a people who are not of a nation.

The Europeans took the birthright away from the people [Moors] whom they forced under bondage. They were not slaves; they were bound free men. The subsequent generation who followed them in bondage were slaves because their minds had been subjugated to a European psychology. They were separated from the illustrious history of their forefathers who were the founders of civilization.

Question: Who are the Moorish Americans?

Answer: The Moorish Americans are the direct descendants of the Ancient Moabites / Moors, who are the aboriginal and true natural dwellers of ancient Northwest and Southwest Amexem. The Northwest and Southwest continents of Amexem are modernly known as Northwest and Southwest Africa. Northwest and Southwest Africa are contemporarily known as North America and South America.

Question: Are the Moors Indians?

Answer: No. The misnomer, Indian and Native American, etc., was and are the fictitious social and political creations of European Sociologists and the many deceptive historian descendants of the Colonial Inquisitionists and Crusaders. The words, Indian, negro, black, colored, Ethiopian, etc., were and are also "brands" and "tags" which were coined by way of calculated "sordid mental sorcery" [psychic attacks] conceived and propagated to steal the "birthrights" of the aboriginal Moors of Al Maurikanos [America].

Question: What authority or law binds the Aboriginal and Indigenous natural peoples [Moors] of America that commands obligatory "taxation", "licensing" or "revenue" payments to the alien and occupational Europeans, who have been falsely claiming to be Americans?

Answer: There is no valid law, or rightful authority, by which invading Europeans, occupying the West, have "lawful" taxing authority. Taxation without representation was, and is, a part of Crusade's policy, and of forced servitude. European supremacy dictums, made against the "true" aboriginal Moors of America, is based on destroyed history, altered books, records and "force of arms". Thus, we trace the origin of the existing mental state and unchallenged fraud taxation manifested from a lack of knowledge of "self" and of law. Moors have lacked a knowledge of geography; of nationality; of birthrights; and of the artificial function of "Color-of-Law". Color-of-Law is the extortion-based authority used by Europeans for "tithe / tax" operations forced against the Natural Peoples in the Americas. In layman's terms, that condition is known as mental and economic slavery.

Question: Why did Europeans, who colonized North America, begin to call themselves "White People" and "Free White People"? When did the term "White People" come into popular usage by Europeans occupying North America?

Answer: White means "purity"; purity means God; and God means the "ruler of the land"; thus, the term, Landlord! Landlord means landowner; landholder; freeholder and "mine host". On this basis Europeans falsely and "colorably" claim to be the Sovereigns of the Americas. The phrase "White People" is of a "social power caste system" having nothing to do with skin complexion. The "White People" social rank phrase was usurpingly adopted by the "Whiggamore Party" in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and fervently propagated for acceptance during the years, 1854 to 1863 A. D.

Question: What does the phrase, "Free White People" mean in Law?

Answer: "Free White People" is an ancient caste status term, which applies to status and not to complexion of skin, and is a universal law phrase. Refer to a good "Law Dictionary", which defines ancient and modern terms of Jurisprudence. The following is an excerpt from Henry Campbell Black's Law Dictionary – Fourth Edition- West Publishing Company.

Free White Persons: "Free White Persons" referred to in Naturalization Act, as amended by Act July 14, 1870, has meaning naturally given to it when first used in 1 Stat. 103, c 3, meaning all persons belonging to the European races then commonly counted as white, and their descendants, including such descendants in other countries to which they have emigrated.

Free White Persons includes all European Jews, more or less intermixed with peoples of Celtic, Scandinavian, Teutonic, Iberian, Latin, Greek, and Slavic descent. It includes Magyars, Lapps, and Finns, and the Basques and Albanians. It includes the mixed Latin, Celtic-Iberian, and Moorish inhabitants of Spain and Portugal, the mixed Greek, Latin, Phoenician, and North African inhabitants of Sicily, and the mixed Slav and Tarter inhabitants of South Russia. Free White People does not mean Caucasian race, Aryan race, or Indo-European races, nor the mixed Indo-European, Dravidian, Semitic and Mongolian peoples who inhabit Persia. A Syrian of Asiatic birth and descent will not be entitled to become a naturalized citizen of the United States as being a free white person. Ex parte Shahid, D.C.Or., 6 F.2d 919, 921; Ex parte Dow, D.C.S.C., 211 F. 486, 487; In re En Sk Song, D.C.Cal., 271 F. 23. Nor a native-born Filipino. U. S. v. Javier, 22 F.2nd 879, 880, 57 App.D.C. 303. Nor a native of India who belonged to Hindu race. Kharaiti Ram Samras v. United States, C.C.A.Cal., 125 F.2nd 879, 881.

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