Wednesday, August 27, 2008

(so called black, brown, red and yellow or melanin people)

In The Beginning

Explain Your Name

Moorish people (so called black, brown, red and yellow or melanin people) and how it goes all the way back to when all the continents were said to be joined or closer, The Moorish Amexem Empire, Al-Moroccan or Mu-Atlantis Empire, South Asia and North Asia to the modern East. The word Asia means "land of the rising sun", which is connected to Amexem, "land of sun and moon or temple of the sun and moon". Some key places are Africa the continent of today (South Asia), The Caribbean, the Americas (North, Central and South), India and many places in the east. Of course everybody's favorite Egypt (Khemet, KMT, Kemet, Ta-Maur-Re)

What people need to know is that WE, the Moors (so called blacks, nubians, ect) are natives to ALL parts of the Earth, all the continents and islands, not just Africa (Alkebu-lan, South Asia) the continent, which is only 1 out of 7.

Right now we are in Greater Amexem, North America, Central America, South America, the so called Caribbean Islands (Islands of Atlantis)

Australia, Antarctica, all of Europe and Asia (North Asia). We were and still are the fathers and mothers of everything in history if lost Moors, so called black, brown, red, yellow or melaninated or high carbon concentrated people do their research.

The fathers and mothers of civilization were not the Greeks, Romans and other so called Europeans like every one was told and taught in school (his-story). The dark hue tribes and nations or original people, Asiatics, Indigenous, Aboriginals, Natives, Pre-Adamites, Moors (Muurs) are the oldest humans known to man. Which means all the other so called races on Earth came from us. The so called White Caucasian race (Europeans, pale nations, pale tribes) have only been on this planet over 6,000 years by some records.

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