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On Medicine in Old Egypt [Hamed A Ead]

Medicine in Ancient Egypt - The Asclepion/U. of Indiana (US)

Ancient Egyptian Medicine - Ancient Egyptian Virtual Temple

Medicine in Ancient Egypt Daily Life - Minnesota State Univ. at Mankato

For Every Malady Cure - (EG)

AIDS: Déjà Vu in Ancient Egypt? [RJ Albin]

About Horus [S Cass] - Encyclopedia Mythica

On the Eye of Horus,

What does the pharmacist's symbol "Rx" mean? - The Straight Dope

About the Step Pyramid (of Djoser)

A selected bibliography of Imhotep [R Rashidi],

About The Third Dynasty - TourEgypt

About the Physicians of Ancient Egypt - Per Sekhmet

Just What the Doctor Ordered in Ancient Egypt [I Springer] - Tour Egypt

Objects from the Collection of Ancient Egyptian Art at M.C. Carlos Museum/Emory Univ. (US)

Practical Egyptian Magical Spells [RK Ritner] - U of Chicago

Some Magical Amulets & Gems - U of Michigan/HTI

The Instruction of Ptahhotep (6th dynasty?)

The Papyrology Home Page [JD Muccigrosso]

The Papyrus Archive, including a Medical Prescription, at Duke Univ. (US)

Some brief notes on some famous Medical Papyri (Smith, Ebers, Kahun) ['marrya'] - (IE)

About the Hearst Medical Papyrus - Center for the Tebtunis Papyri, Berkeley (US)

The Edwin Smith Surgical Papyrus - Cyber Museum of Neurosurgery (US)

About the Smith and Ebers Papyri – CrystalLinks

About the Edwin Smith Sugical Papyrus [RH Wilkins] - via AANS

Surgery on papyrus [B Morris] - StudentBMJ

An Overview of the Manuscript Collection at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, and CultNet - Cultural Heritage in the Digital Age

A Classified Bibliographical Database of Ancient Egytian Medicine and Medical Practice [PA Piccione]

Surgical tools found in 6th dynasty tomb -

Papyrology Links - UMich [Photo] Brief Note on the Discovery of Raised Bread - ARIGA

Earliest Egyptian Chemical Manuscripts [prepared by HA Ead]

Electronic Printed/Web-published material - Ruprecht-Karls Universität, Heidelberg (DE)

About the Alexandrian School (Herophilos, Erasistratos) - Univ of Virginia (US)


History of Egypt, and about Ancient Egyptian Science - Ministry of Tourism, Egypt

A comprehensive list of Ancient Egyptian Kings, with Chronology [PA Piccione] - NorthWestern Univ. (US)

Egyptian Kings, Govenors and other Rulers - TourEgypt

The Ancient Egypt Site [J Kinnaer]

The World of Ancient Egypt Site [L Andreasson] - (SE)

The Rosetta Stone story [Strachan & Roetzel] - Minnesota State Univ. at Mankato, and a high-resolution image - Berlin (DE)

About the Rosetta Stone - British Museum, and J F Champollion

More about the Rosetta Stone - Cleveland Museum of Art

Egyptology.Com [G Reeder]

Herodotus' Book II [transl. G Rawlinson] - The Tech, MIT (US)

The Galleries at the exhibit 'Splendors of Ancient Egypt' 1996, Florida Int'l Museum(US)

Building Bridges to Afrocentrism - What color were the ancient Egyptians? [A Macy Roth]

The Nile, the Moon and Sirius [R Weininger] - Tour Egypt

Egyptian Ethno-Zoology - Minnesota State Univ. at Mankato

Medicine in Ancient Egypt, Part I Part II, and Part III [SM Arab]

Menstruation, Menstrual Hygiene and Woman's Health in Ancient Egypt [P Habiger]

In sickness and in Health - The healers and their art - (IL)

Egyptian Herbal Medicine - PlanetHerbs

Brief Bibliographies of Notable Egyptian Gods [SC Knight]

About the Osiris Cult - Ministry of Tourism, Egypt

About Thoth

The Faces of Djed [L-A Jack] - Royal Ontario Museum (CA)

Digital Mummies [P. de Nijs] - (NL)

About Egyptian Mummies - Encyclopedia Smithsonian (US)

Mummy 1911-210-1 [MacLeod et al.] - J Royal Coll Surg Edinburgh, Apr 2000 (UK)

The Egyptian Book of the Dead [transl: EA Wallis Budge], via Lysator (SE)

An Anubis 'mask' - CAMA/Univ of Cape Town (ZA), and the Anubis debate [RL Simmons]

Mummies and Disease in Ancient Egypt [C Johnson] - UIC College of Dentistry

Evidence of Poliomyelitis in Ancient Egypt [in Spanish] - Museo Virtual de la Sanidad (ES)

Exploring the Pyramids at Giza - PBS Online (US), and a Satellite Overview - NASA (US)

About Death in Ancient Egypt [AA O'Brien], Who was Who Among the Royal Mummies [EF Wente], and Mummies Highlights from the Oriental Inst. Virtual Museum, Chicago (US)

About the mummification process - British Museum

The Virtual Mummy - Hamburg (DE)

Die Virtuelle Mumie [in German] - Hamburg (DE)

Tutankhamun: Anatomy of an Excavation - Griffith Institute (UK)

The Death of Pharaoh (Tutankhamen) [M Robinson], and Howard Carter's personal diaries, Part I & Part II

Did Akhenaten suffer from Marfan's Syndrome? - Discovery Channel (CA)
What disease was Akhen-Aton suffering from? [SM Arab]

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