Monday, August 18, 2008


Contact: Kimberly Ross/KHR Creative

Rebel Muzik Media Presents The Release Of The First Single "So Ghetto" off of the Highly Anticipated MIC Legacy album "FEED YO KIDS!" miclegacydafuture
Produced by Grammy Winner NOTTZ and UBC (United Black Colonies,) featuring Rapper POOH from Little Brother

VA/DC- Rebel Muzik Media announced today the release of the single So Ghetto from the latest project from Mic Legacy titled FEED YO KIDS.

So Ghetto is produced by Grammy Award winner and Virginia native, NOTTZ, and features a cameo by Rapper Pooh from the group Little Brother.

"The So Ghetto collaboration between Nottz, Rebel Muzik, Legacy and Rapper Pooh is historic and is sure to be a classic," says Grail "Ruc" Hodges, CEO of Rebel Muzik Media. "This entire album pays homage to the days when true MC's and beat makers would come together in somebody's basement and set the standard for the other albums of that year to follow."

Feed Yo Kids boasts a list of today's hottest producers and underground messengers such as the already mentioned Nottz and Rapper Pooh. It also features ILLMIND, KELPH, JCLYDE, BRAINSTORM, DIGITAL DAMAGE, NY OIL, BIGSHOT& KHIZMAN(DMP), LATOYA WILLIAMS AND JON BIBBS.

Members of the media and true hip-hop enthusiasts are also treated to a mix tape titled "Sumthin To Snack On," by logging on to miclegacydafuture.

Watch Out for So Ghetto, the video, featuring Rapper Pooh, MIC Legacy and the VA Hoods. Watch for it on miclegacydafuture, ubcunitedblackcolonies, youtube and international and national video shows in the near future.

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Check Mic Legacy @ Happily Natural Day's Vote Hip Hop For President on August 29th @ Universal Truth | 3800 Moss Side Avenue visit fmi

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